From anonymous to famous

19 March 2010

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a TV star? I have! I once had dreams of hosting a talk show or a magazine show. But ever since I was young - participating in school programs or receiving medals at Recognition days - with my Tito lugging a then-heavy videocamera to record my "achievements", I knew I had no future in TV. Why? Because watching the tapes, I was able to see that I am not telegenic! Modesty aside, I know I can pose prettily for still photos (see here for my Project Barbie shoot if you don't believe me nyahaha) but it's different when videos are concerned (that is why I don't think I will be posting a vlog anytime soon :D). 

I may not be able to see my dreams materialize, but it doesn't mean I will stop yours from happening! Just go to this link and audition to be part of the PLDT Watchpad Crew. All you have to do is fill out an application form and upload a 2-3 minute video answering the question "Why should we pick you to be a part of the Watchpad Crew?" What are the prizes at stake? Well, aside from joining the ranks of Rhian Ramos, Isabel Oli, and Alex Perez, the five finalists will also get to win a free laptop, one year free subscription of myDSL, and P100,000 (approx $2,000)!

clicking on the image takes you directly to the site :)

I would LOVE to take a chance and join if not for the age limit (yes, I look like I'm 19 but I'm actually 23 years young lol) and my initial dilemma of not being telegenic. So if you meet all the criteria (must be 16 - 20 years old, good looking and wants to make a difference), then what are you doing here still reading this? Go the this link now and join! Last day of auditions is April 15, 2010. Who knows, you might gain fans, be super famous, star in more TV shows and movies, and then go on to win acting awards! Isn't that awesome?

PS: If you do win, it would be great if you can send a nice blowout my way. Kidding! Not really :D


  1. sayang naman! i'm past 20 and i dont live in the phils. good looking pa naman ako! hahahahah kapal noh? i want to see krissy on video!!! come on!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Kym (even though I don't understand the Tagalog part), I want to see you on video! :D At least for a bit? At least your voice? If you'll do it, then I'll do it, teehee. Too bad I'm almost 22, sounds like a neat idea though! :)

  3. Hey Krissy, you would've won this contest easily. And to jump on the Krissy-make-a-video train, yes:

    Krissy, make a video!!! :P

  4. It seems that video should love you, it's hard to imagine you not doing well.

    The last time I saw myself on video, I asked my family if any of them remembered exactly when I had the stroke--becuz healthy people don't lerch around like that!!! =)

  5. :O I just missed the chance! I'm already 21 now! (lol)

    should we make a petition for krissy to be in a video? lol. I'm junping to the wagon where kym and nikolett are in! Bwahaha

  6. tsk. hindi ako pwede kasi 15 pa lang ako. lol.hahaha...

  7. @ Kym: Hahaha ang galing mo talaga! I agree, you're very good looking! :D No I don't wanna be in a video! :D

    @ Nikolett: Nyahaha I'd have to think about it long and hard, I might lose my readers! :D

    @ Nino: I don't know if you guys can convince me :D

    @ Rick: Oh Rick you say the funniest things! :D

    @ Tiara: Oh no, no petition please! :D

    @ Mich: Oo nga eh, haha! :D

  8. i'm second-ing to everyone's request.


  9. @ Ejannz: You first! :D I can't believe you and Ndee are going to meet! Awesome! I am excited for you two! :)


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