A visit to the place where the magic begins

12 March 2010

Note: I should have posted this earlier this week but Dane and I got into a major fight and I didn't really have the heart to post it but since we've already talked things through and are A-okay again then I decided to post this already ;)

As you know already by the number of posts and tweets I posted, Dane went with me and my whole maternal side of the family to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday. It is the biggest theme park in the Philippines - far from being a Disneyland but hey, I guess I would have to be content by now (but I swear I will visit Disneyland at least once before I die lol). Reason for the trip? My Tita Jean (Tita means aunt; she is my Mom's sister) and her husband Tito Rico (my uncle-in-law if there was such a term haha) is on a short visit to the Philippines from abroad. They actually work in Four Seasons Hotel in Qatar and have left their son Jerico  to my Mom's care. They visit the country at least once a year to see their son and spend time with him. Last Friday (March 5) was Jerico's birthday but most of us have work and school so the celebration was moved to Saturday. Since Dane's and my plans to go there have been cancelled, I just invited him to go with us. There were 15 of us! Along with Dane and me, my Papa, Mama, brother Ken, sister Kyla, Tita Jean, Tito Rico, Tito Karl (my Mom's brother), Tita Wheng (Tito Karl's wife), Ate Dorina (Tito Rico's sister), my Grandma, and my cousins Jerico, Loui and Migui were also part of the trip! :) We rented a van and it was a good two - three hours trip to Laguna. :)

I don't want this to be a really wordy post so I'll just let the photos and captions do the talking :)

entrance to the park :)
Enchanted Kingdom is divided into six zones: Victoria Park, Boulderville, Midway Boardwalk, Jungle Outpost, Spaceport, Brooklyn Place, and Portabello

Victoria Park

Cruz family with Dane
Dane, Krissy, Mama, Papa, Ken, Kyla

the rest of us :)

Tita Jean and Tito Rico

I wore a patchwork quilt-dress with a white shirt and couture shorts underneath
and purple ballet flats

me in front of the super scary Space Shuttle
I thought my head would go off after the very high drop and many twists and turns of this rollercoaster :D


Wheel of Fate
I am so sad that I wasn't able to ride the ferris wheel :(

jungle log jam
Jungle Log Jam
riding this is kinda like asking for an instant shower :D

resting my feet and posing for pictures :D

Dane had to change clothes
Here is our photo with my cousin Jerico who doesn't want to have his photo taken, therefore messing every photo he's in :D

Pacana family
Oh here's a decent photo of Jerico with his Mom and Dad :)

I had to change clothes by this point so I just removed my dress and white shirt and slipped on a gray shirt

giant Wizard plushie
giant Wizard plushie!
This is bigger than Jerico :D
Dane was supposed to buy this one but it's the last remaining stock and the beard is already dirty - not a good value for its exorbitant price

as you may have read here, Dane surprised me with these Wizard plushies :)

Looking back on the photos kinda makes me want to go back again! It was truly a fun and memorable trip. Now I wish I can go to Disneyland soon! :D

PS: I did my first guest post for my blogfriend Nikolett who is such an amazing person through and through! Go here to visit her blog (if you don't know her yet), and here to check my guest post ;)


  1. I love that picture of you and Dane. *wink* errrr I mean...I love all those pictures. Did you ride on the roller coasters? That's always a lot of fun. so i've heard, i've never rode on roller coasters before, I've always avoided them at all cost. ehehehehe

  2. ooo.. I love that place! and I love Jerico, from here, I think it'll be pretty tiring to babysit him, though. lol :P

    and ooo, why didn't you go to the ferris wheel? It's the funnest one! :O

    and oh well, I can't agree more, haha, I love that pic with Dane and little naughty Jerico, haha! xD

  3. I haven't visited EK in ages! How are the rides now? And how's the park? Is it well-maintained? Hassle din kase to go there on weekends, super daming tao! ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  4. I don't mean to super analyze just to tease you ( haha ) but I'm pretty sure going to a theme park with your family is a big deal for you and Dane hahahah :p

    Looks fun though!

  5. Hello Krissy!

    That theme park looks like so much fun! I'm not much of a roller-coaster fan, but I wouldn't mind taking a turn on the Ferris Wheel!
    Great forethought at bringing a change of clothes :)
    I wish I could walk around in shorts - but we still have such cold weather. Urrgh.

  6. @ Mel: Haha thanks :D Yes, we rode the Space Shuttle! It was definitely fun, you should try it at least once! :)

    @ Tiara: Jerico is so adorable, but yeah, he's quite a handful :D We weren't able to ride the ferris wheel because we don't have time anymore and there was a long queue :(

    @ Russ: It's well-maintained naman :) You should go when it's still early, people came in droves when it was already 5pm. I think they were avoiding the heat of the midday sun :D

    @ Andhari: It was (for both statements haha)!

    @ Duni: Really? Well the heat here can get overbearing at times, I would appreciate a li'l bit of cold :D


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