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19 March 2010

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of this year because yesterday, I got to watch Jason Castro perform live! For some people who might not know him, he is the 5th runner up in American Idol season 7 where David Cook emerged as the winner (whose concert as well as David Archuleta's I also got to see last year ;p).

Ana - my soul sister who I also met online - and I scheduled a meetup just because the last time we saw each other was at the Eraserheads' Final Set! concert last year. We were supposed to go at The Fort (just because I have been there only twice and I want to have new experiences during my two weeks-vacay) but she had a meetup with a customer of her online shop Anagon Collection so we decided to just go to TriNoma and  watch Jason Castro who had a scheduled mall tour that day.

Ana and Krissy

I got at the mall about ten-fifteen minutes later than she did. Have I ever told you I have the sweetest friends ever? Not yet? Well, I do! Guess what, Ana got me a copy of Jason's EP with the free poster so we can have it autographed after his show! Awesome!

my CD :)

We sipped fruit shakes and sat at the Garden while swapping stories. After that we then went around Landmark and shopped for last minute travel essentials for my beach trip. We had so many stories to share! When our stomachs grumbled, we ate a very hearty meal at Chow King. We then wanted to roam around the mall a bit again but we saw a great number of people have already gathered at the Activity Center. We wanted good seats so we went with the throng as well :D

We were upset at first when we learned that only people with stubs (i.e. people who are Ayala cardholders or people who can present receipts amounting to P1,500 worth of purchase) were given priority and they were the only ones let inside. However, three minutes before the show the big and beefy bouncers let Ana and me in! Yay!

Jason Castro performing

he looks so cute :)

and he has a very beautiful, crooning voice to boot!

After the show we lined up to have our CDs autographed. Too bad cameras were not allowed while he's signing the autographs. I wasn't able to have a photo taken with him but I was able to shake his hands!

I guess I'll just have to make do with this standee lol

autographed CD

After the show Ana and I parted ways because she had to go to Glorietta to meet her mom while I went to the terminal to ride a PUV to my apartment.

Have I ever told you I have the sweetest friends ever? I have? Okay, but I am saying it again because it's true! For my birthday next month, Ana gave me an advanced birthday present! :) 

housed in a paperbag with her store's logo! so cute!

the other side of the paperbag :)

sweet note :)

here're the contents! pretty white romper and a red bag :)
Thanks Ana! I love them!

Do me a favor and check out Ana's store, she is a very skilled accessories designer and entrepreneur! I am so proud of her for managing her own store and being very good at it! A one woman-show; she thinks of concepts, creates the accessories she sells, schedules shipping and meetups, single-handedly respond to customers' queries, and still finds time to travel abroad and delegate time for her family and friends (which is the most important of all, methinks). I know she will be big someday! Her creations were even featured already at numerous local magazines :)

This was another experience that is even more memorable because it is shared with a friend :) After posting this, I would already have to go offline and pack my bags. I'm going to the beach this weekend! My friends from college and I are going to Pagudpud and will be back on Sunday evening, and on Monday I go back to work. I might not be able to go online until Monday. Don't miss me too much, mmmkay?

PS: The title of this post is the title of Jason Castro's first single off his EP. :)


  1. :O your birthday is next month! I think I should prepare something t send all the way to the Philippine, no? lololol.

    and ooo.. Jason Castro! haha, he's still look the same! i thought he would change his hairstyle ;P

  2. Ohh gifts! When is your birthday?:)

  3. i know jason castro!!!! he's like so cute!!!! i hate youuuuuuuu!

    no i dont :D

    but he has such dreamy eyes and dreamy voice and when he sang somewhere over the rainbow last A.I, it was so fucking amazing.

    sigh,i'm so jealous, woman.

  4. I was gonna ask you who Jason Castro is so it's good that you posted his photo.Ü Now I remember him. Hey, he looks a bit of a vampire in that standee, must be his eyes. Hehe! ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  5. I'm glad they let you guys in! I never heard of him, he looks a bit scary.. I agree with Russ, a bit vampireish!

  6. wow! that looks like you had a helluva time there krissy! and yay for the gift!!!


  7. jason castro was here?
    oh shit! this is what you could become when your life has been revolving around work, home, mall, and with a bf who likes heavy metal too much. yeah, you can miss everything! haha.

    you are one lucky girl krissy!
    guwapo baaaaaa???

  8. im not a fan of jason castro but my dad is! LOL haha. nasa trinoma kasi kami nun and gusto niya sana manuod. too bad kailangan namin umuwi ng maaga hehe..

    looks like you had fun pretty!

    and oh, i was about to check ana's site by right clicking it pero you had a "no right clicking" pop up hehe, just want to ask, pano yun nalalagay? hehehe.. me want one too ^__^ thanks!!

  9. You are a very sweet person Krissy that's why you are loved big time. Have fun in Pagudpod and don't forget the sunblock. xoxo

  10. @ Tiara: Yay for birthday presents, but really, you don't have to :D Yes, his hair is the same, only a bit longer :D

    @ Meream: It's April 6! :D

    @ Ejannz: He was amazing! He sang, and I just melted! Soooo dreamy, indeed :)

    @ Russ: Come to think of it, yes, he does :D

    @ Carina: You should check out his past performances at American Idol! :D

    @ Betz: Yes, I really had a great time :D

    @ Jing: Supeeeeeeeeer! Kakakilig haha! :D

    @ Cha: Ay sayang, we should've met! Ang cute naman ng dad mo :D Yun disable right click, search Google sis. I did it kasi I learned that there are people from as far as Serbia and Tanzania downloading my photos >.<

    @ Leah: Wow, thanks! :) Yup, April 6 :)

  11. aww I love giong to concerts, it's always so much fun meeting them after as well! You have a very sweet friend, I'm checking out her store now!

  12. Leah is right!!!

    I don't remember the singer. I'll have to check him out on iTunes.

    Ana's bags are pretty cool--but the dad part of me worries that romper is tooooo short! You'll get too much attention. =)

  13. awww sounds like you guys had a great time! at first i didn't remember who the guy is (i can barely remember the winners most of the time, haha) but i totally remember him now! he has such a cool look (esp cus of his hair!) you DO have such sweet friends, they're keepers! :) have a great week krissy!

  14. Jason Castro... I will have to youtube since I haven;t watched AI since a LONG TIME ago. But he must be good if he's the 5th runner up :D

    and shopping..always a mood booster!

  15. I saw Jason once on CNN and remember him from the bunch of others AI contestants, because his voice is good and his hair is unique :) Glad you had a great time. And your friend is awesome :)

  16. @ Pop Champagne: Hearing them sing live is just sooooo much better than hearing them on the radio or an iPod! Plus points for meet and greet! And thank you for checking out Ana's store :)

    @ Rick: Yes, please do check out his Idol performances :) Oh, I haven't tried the romper on yet, we'll see :)

    @ Kym: And YOU are one of my sweet friends! :)

    @ Andhari: Yes, check out his songs. :) I think I will NEVER get tired of shopping :D

    @ Nino: Oh yes, his hair is one of his unique qualities that gave him an edge over the other contestants :) I agree, Ana is awesome :)

  17. I remember that guy from the american idol :) i think his voice is great!!
    have fun time at the beach krissy!

  18. Oh I'm so envious! hehehehe. Jason has a unique voice. I will always remember him from American Idol. I wish we had fun concerts like that here.

  19. Aww, so sweet :) too bad you weren't able to get a pic with him, but that autograph is cute! I hope you had an amazing time at the beach, can't wait to see pics! Oh, and what day is your birthday because I missed Jessica's the other day and I don't want to do that to another blogger I <3!

  20. @ acutelife: He definitely has a great voice! :)

    @ Mel: Go here to Manila so we could meet! :D

    @ Nikolett: Beach pics already posted! Lol my birthday is on April 6 :)

  21. omigosh, i loved Jason Castro in AI! :-) he was so adorable, and he had a great voice to boot. I'm so jealous you got to see him in the flesh. Is he really that cute in person? :-) Anyway, you have great presents there... Anagon collection, eh? where are her stores? :-) I'd love to check them out.


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