Shopping for summer!

14 March 2010

The first half of my two weeks-vacay has breezed by! I am savoring every minute of it and I will certainly be sad when it is completely over and I would have to return to work again. I still have a week remaining though so until then I will definitely make sure that I enjoy every moment of it. Ana and I have scheduled a meetup either on Wednesday or Thursday and on Friday, I will go to the beach, specifically, Pagudpud in Ilocos!

Isn't it gorgeous?
Can't wait to dig my toes in the sand!
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Honestly, I was not a beach-person. The first time I went to one was in La Union for a family excursion when I was seven years old and I did not like it one bit. All of that changed last year though when my college friends and I went on a Super Summer Escape.

Sun + Sand + Sea + Friendsss
What's not to love?

Cute swimsuits also added to the fun :D


Cherries bikini

Now that I am about to go on another beach-trip, shopping for summer-wear is in order. Last Friday after the Cushe event (in partnership with the PR firm my friend Ed works for) in TriNoma that I attended with my friend/ officemate Mich, I bought this from Tomato:

I love the print and the bows :)

And then yesterday, Dane and I went to 168 Mall to buy more :D It feels like ages since I last went there! For less than 2,000php (approximately 40USD), I got these:

Something a bit more conservative - boylegs :D
I love the black and white floral art deco design

Gauzy shawl with a wicked O-ring that can transform it into a multi-way cover up
The seller demonstrated the many ways I can use this, I love!

Simple baby pink dress with ruched straps

A tube dress that can also be used as an ankle-length skirt
I love how its color just screams 'sunshine'!

Prolly my favorite from the lot: a white maxi dress with red poppies
I have been searching for the perfect maxi dress but everything else was too long for me. This is the perfect length. Inexpensive, too!

Striped bag with mini pouch that can store my phones
The stuff I will bring probably won't fit in this bag but this would be helpful for going around Ilocos

I have also prepared the other summer essentials already like towels and sunscreen. My friend Precious have already booked the resort (with a pool, I am so stoked!). It's a 14 hour-drive to Ilocos but I'm sure I won't be bored as my friends from college are some of the most fun people I have met. Can't wait!

This is the good life. :)


  1. Aww. Happy beach trip, Krissy! I was at Pagudpud last year and it is so worth it. I think I died and went to beach heaven. Super ganda. Enjoy and congrats on your loot. Super nice everything :)

  2. Wow, ang dami mo nabili sa 168... I want to go there too. The swimsuit and the dresses are so fabulous. xoxo

  3. the maxi dress is absolutely gorgeous! poppies <3
    i still cant find one of the right length yet, gee im such a midget >_<
    have fun krissy! :D

  4. Loving the beach gears, sweetheart.

    Have fun on the beach!:) soak lots of sun.

  5. Krissy, those are all so gorgeous! When i come to philipine later promise me you'll accompany me shopping there! $40 for goodnees' sake! *is hyper here

    I love every piece you bought, the bikini, the dresses... Lovely! You make me want to go there like RIGHT NOW! Lol

  6. @ Teeyah: You just made me more excited, thanks! :D

    @ Leah: Let's! I can tour you lol :D

    @ Manju: My friends even suggested before cutting the dress to have the perfect length but I do not want to do that as doing so may ruin the design >.< I hope you also find the perfect maxi Manju! :)

    @ Andhari: Thank you, I definitely will! :D

    @ Tiara: Oh you really should go here! I would be so stoked if you do it! I can show you around and take you to this mall, everything is really el cheapo! :D

  7. i love the black & white damask print bikini!!!! so exotic! cant wait to go to the beach myself too. huhu.

    wait, damn i left my bikinis in dublin

    and therefore....

    tomorrow's bikini shopping day!!!!! yeeeeha!

  8. Oh my god, you went all out! :)

  9. @ Nino: Oh, you know kikay! Awesome! :D

    @ Meream: I hope not :D



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