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01 March 2010

Not only is it the first day of the work-week, it is also the first day of the month! More than anything else, I wanted to start the month right with positive vibes and a stellar entry for Make Me Smile Mondays. However, external forces make it very difficult for me to do so. So, instead of my regular Monday entry, let this post be filled with semi-rants and future plans.

I mentioned (more like complained 'til kingdom come) in my previous post about me getting waaaay less salary than I expected. I received my payslip today and guess what, they have deducted four days' worth of work in my pay because of (gasp!) absences! Let it be known that I am a very diligent employee and the last time I have been absent from work is two years ago (because of an extreme case of menstrual cramps). I never skipped work even when I was sick, not if I can help it. For me not to get paid because of these "absences" is so wrong. What happened is that something messed up the automated system we have for our attendance which is linked to the payroll system and my rest days and two VLs were tagged as absents. Now, they owe me half of my half-a-month's salary and I do wish and hope and pray they give me my money back, the soonest time possible.

Okay, enough about the rants. Let's try to inject a little more positivity here.

Three more days, and Alice in Wonderland will be shown here! I have been waiting for it for I-don't-know-how-long and realizing that the date is almost upon us is so surreal! 

Alice: This is impossible.
The Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

Sorry rest-of-the-world, but Tim Burton's latest offering will be shown here on March 4. :) And then after that, my family and Dane will go to Enchanted Kingdom on March 6! I am so excited! I can't  wait to be in a theme park again :)

What follows is my two weeks-long vacation from work. We are required to be off work for two weeks each year, and for this year I chose the second and third weeks of March to be my core leave. We were actually supposed to go to Palawan but it got cancelled because my aunt got a new swell job at another company so I'm afraid this family vacation has been put on hold indefinitely.

I then planned to go with my Grandma to Bicol and see this:

Mayon Volcano
This almost symmetrical cone-shaped volcano buried the entire town of Cagsawa in 1814, including this church, whose only legacy left behind is its bell tower.

My maternal grandparents actually came from Bicol and then settled here in Manila. I hail from here, but I've only actually been here once (when I was in grade 6). Anyway, there are times when you can really feel them missing their hometown, that's why I invited my Grandma. But then again because of the glitch in my salary, it seems like our plans will be cancelled as well.

What I would really, really want to go to though, is this:

Owl City in Manila!
March 14, 2010

I really, really, really, honest-to-God, really want to watch. But I haven't found someone to go with though. Wouild you like to join  me? :)

I just love their songs, very dreamy and innocent. Their songs never fail to make me happy. :)

Pssst! In case my Bicol trip will be really cancelled, then I guess I'll just have our Ilocos trip  to be excited about! :)

*Images from Google.


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  2. hi krissy! yeah i know how it feels to have discrepancies in your payroll. that happened to me twice, one is just like yours, and another where they said that i have been late for 10 hours for that pay period (which means i was late for an hour everyday .... NOT!). it was really weird because i also avoid unecessary absences and late everyday fot two weeks? i could have been fired already! well, i hope that they give back the rest of your salary asap. it is a lot more fun to go on vacation when you have enough budget.

  3. you can have anything for yourself, really. except OWL CITY x( noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... my heart is breaking knowing he won't come here soonest. i feel like just flying there and watch the magical adam young with you girl... :( i want owl city... badly

  4. Hi sis! :D I'd love to watch a concert, but i honestly and jologs-ly admit i dont know an owl city song huhu ;(
    happy "vacation"s sis!!! :)Cant wait for Alice!!


  5. I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland too.

    Hmmmmmm... that's so sweet, a movie date then another bonding with the family with Dane. Hahaha! Don't deny, there's something special going on right? Pasensya na, super tsismosa and intrigera ako. Hehehe!

    Happy Tuesday Krissy! xoxo

  6. "And then after that, my family and Dane will go to Enchanted Kingdom on March 6"


    It's like you're ASKING for us to tease you, Krissayyy :D hahahaa

    I <3 Alice in Wonderland!

  7. Wow, they didn't pay you 25% of your monthly pay? That's crazy... Hope they give you your money soon. I also wanna see Alice in Wonderland :-) Looks like fun :)

  8. Wow! When you do get to go to Bicol, take lots and lots of pictures. What a history!

    The company should forget about the messed up systems and just pay you manually. This is crazy! At least you have some wonderful things to look forward to--ALice and the Enchanted Kingdom (w/Dane, cough, cough). =)

  9. OMGD guess what happened to me today too??!!! i got a phone call from salary to tell me that they overpaid me WTF!!!!????

    i mean, like ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? they pay me like extremely little (that my son can actually sell sweets and earn more than i can - not that i have a son but that's not the point)!!

    but that volcano looks awesome.

    holiday soon so, bitches (at work) you can kiss my sweet mother of ass!

  10. Wow a family day with Dane. Wow. ;p

    You're from Bicol? Does this mean that you can secretly cook? I know people from there are great in the kitchen :p

  11. @ Kaye: That really sucks. My manager already filed a dispute, and I am hoping the rest of my salary gets credited to my pay soon x_x

    @ Tiara: I really, really want to watch them! And it helps that the venue was moved even closer to my apartment :D I hope they visit your country as well! Or maybe you should go here and we can watch them? :D

    @ Anagon: Ooh, new blog URL! I wanna watch! You should search for their songs in Youtube, I'm sure you will love them! Come on Ana let's watch! :D

    @ Leah: Nyahaha that's okay :D I should really post a tell-all blog soon! :)

    @ Andhari: Hmm, I actually kinda like it when you guys tease me about him hahaha! :D

    @ Nino: I am sure the movie'll be awesome!

    @ Rick: Yeah, I really wish our trip will still push through, I'm crossing my fingers!

    @ OneCraftyFox: Me too! :)

    @ Ejannz: Yikes! That's a double mistake right there! Ugh I hate these discrepancies x_x

    @ Meream: My Grandma and Mom are awesome cooks! Hmm, now that you mention it, maybe I have some cooking powers I haven't tapped into yet? :D

  12. Bicol looks nice.

    Such a calm looking volcano, it's amazing how it manage to flatten a town.

  13. Oh my I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland too! Anything with Johnny Depp is just to-watch-out-for! And with regard to your salary, is there no way you could dispute it? It's absolutely not fair!

  14. hi krissy! too bad about the whole salary thing but i'm sure everything will be sorted out. i'm looking forward to watching Alice, too. =)

    sounds like you have wonderful things ahead. have a wonderful summer!

  15. @ Shingo T: Amazing what Mother Nature can do, huh?

    @ Jessica: It's currently being disputed x_x Oooooh one more day and we'll have our fill of Johnny Depp na! :))

    @ Jackie: Thanks! I wish you an awesome summer as well! :)


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