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Down the rabbit-hole (or to the cinemas)

I hope I do not lose my muchness. 

Dane and I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D today, and I am telling you, it is well worth the wait! I will not give any spoilers whatsoever because I want you to enjoy the movie first. The most I can tell you though is that the triumvirate of Burton - Bonham-Carter - Depp is more than triple dose of awesome.

Because I am a sucker for themes and in honor of the day I have been anticipating for so long, I rummaged through my collections and brought/ donned these:

White Rabbit * Silver pocket watch

Knave * Ace of Spades necklace and earrings

Red Queen * Red heart shoes

I am telling you, you should not miss this! Alice's fall through the rabbit-hole alone is already worth the movie ticket. And Johnny Depp - 'nuff said. :)

PS: Can I have stuffed dolls of Twiddledum and Tweedledee as well as the Cheshire Cat? They were so cute and pudgy I wanted to pluck them from the screen and squish them! :D


Nikolett said…
Ahh, I love your purchases! Those shoes! So adorable! And you're so adorable :) I probably won't see this, just because the book seriously disturbed me and I don't think I would survive a 3D version (even if it is supposed to be later on) but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
lolness. damn why do i have to be working many many many hours this week and therefore have to wait until next week? whyyy? whyyyy??
acutelife said…
AHHH..this makes me wanna see it!! I think I will :p
Hepburn Hilton said…
I am sooooo excited to this movie!! Your post makes me want to get tickets for this weekend!!
krissy ♥ said…
@ Nikolett: Oh please do watch it! I think you will like it, it's not disturbing I swear! :)

@ Ejannz: Because work sucks like that x_x I hope you get to watch this the soonest you can though! :)

@ acutelife: You should! :D

@ Carina Blogarina: Yay! :D

@ dancinginchiffon: Thanks :)
Nashe^ said…
I don't know when exactly but I KNOW I'll be watching it soon! Still caught up in assignments at the moment. My friend and I have planned to watch this together since March 2009 and you just made me more excited! I LOVE Helena Bonham Carter.
Ricademus said…
I love that smiling cat!!!

Depp...well, maybe it's a girl thing. I saw 21 Jump Street and did like him in that.

I hope work is easy this weekend.
Anonymous said…
nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

KISS ;*)
amynaree said…
i want to see alice in wonderland! was suppose to go this weekend but it's raining :)
Unknown said…
i fell asleep during the movie :( but thats cus kulang sa tulog! haha! ;P i love the heart flats!! how come you didn't take a pic of you with your outfit!!
bowsnhearts said…
I just watched Alice yesterday as well and I love the colours and the graphics! The storyline is a tad blah but I really love the use of bold colours and cute graphics in the movie!
Leah said…
I haven't watch it yet Krissy... ayaw ako samahan ng mga boys ko. Hahaha! But I will convince them, kapalit allowance. xoxo
littletiara said…
you know, i'm late on commenting because i don't want to read any spoiler, lol. turned out you're not giving one, lololol. and I'm gonna watch this tomorrow! yayyyy! can't wait can't wait, hoho
krissy ♥ said…
@ Nashe^: Me too! She's excellent in whatever role she plays!

@ Rick: Work was indeed easy! My vacation has officially started! :D

@ dressed to please: Thank you! I will check out your blog now :)

@ amynaree: I hope you get to watch it soon! :)

@ Kym: It's because I cannot find someone to take a photo of the whole outfit when I was already alone in the apartment haha :D

@ bowsnhearts: I agree! :)

@ Leah: Nyahaha, perfect! Go on, watch it na! :D

@ Tiara: I made sure I do not post spoilers as I know most people would just be able to watch it this weekend :)

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