Fangirl vs Frugal

13 September 2015

In a bid to be more frugal, I have decided to only purchase things for myself if there is a valid justification for it.

Yesterday, after months of deliberating, I finally got the exclusive collector's edition of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!

This purchase is justified because:
  • It is the first anniversary of Rainbow replying to my tweet.
Look at that pretty little thing
  • I have a Fully Booked Discount Card that slashes 5% off if you use a credit card or 10% off if you pay using cash. For this one though, I only got a 5% discount because the SA said the book is already marked down.
I only paid P721 for this beauty
  • Fangirl is my favorite among all the books that Rainbow has written so far, and I promised myself I'll get a tangible copy after I read [and loved!] it on my Kindle! Great blurbs, too!
  • Hardcover books usually have plain covers only because everything is on the dust jacket already, but Fangirl's cover looks pretty spiffy with its metallic doodle and all!
  • I love authors who appreciate their fans, and what could be a better way to show appreciation to your fans than by featuring their art on a special edition of your book??

(The other two fan arts in the book have been purposefully withheld, hee.)
  • I'm excited to read Rainbow's special Q and A.
  • ... and read the special sneak peek to Rainbow's next novel Carry On, coming very, very soon.
  • BONUS: I love the ribbon bookmark because I always misplace my bookmarks (⌒_⌒;) 

And those are the reasons why I deserved this book purchase!


Who am I kidding. Justified or not, I was bound to get this edition the moment I saw it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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