Do it all with #DoItAllHair care of Pantene Pro-V

26 September 2015

I am Krissy.

I am a daughter and a sister.

I am a friend.

I serve as the PR Assistant Manager of a boutique PR agency and deal with clients, bloggers, and press on a daily basis.

I love writing.
I have been a blogger for more than seven years now and have covered a lot of topics for my blog spanning from the mundane to the most personal stuff.

This year, I became an author and published two stories distributed through Buqo.
My second story, A Sky of Wishes, will be out soon. 

I am a voracious book-sniffer (read: wide reader) and avid movie-goer. I love being lost in fiction and demand either a book or a movie on stressful days.

I am a crafter and a painter.
I am happiest when I make.

I am a yogi. I meditate and practice yoga to find my center when my head gets too noisy.

I am a pursuer of passion.

Most days, I even get to be a superhero. Saving the world is not easy but someone's gotta do it, and we're just too happy to take over the job. (^_~)

I do it all with my #DoItAllHair care of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Aspiring to do it all requires killer chutzpah and confidence. Having great hair means you already won 75% of the battle. I juggle many things and wear many hats — my hair should be the least of my concerns. Thanks to Pantene Pro-V, I don't have to pay it half a mind.

How does Pantene Pro-V do it?

Simple: science. With the help of active ingredients, Pantene Pro-V provides expert but gentle care to our hair by enhancing the protective layer on the hair’s surface and give strength from root to tips. It also gives maximum conditioning and seeks out damaged areas to focus its repair activities without leaving the hair greasy, making it beautiful and healthy from inside-out.

And seriously, have you ever smelled it? Its sweet and floral scent lasts without being too overpowering nor cloying; if only I had long hair that could reach up to my nose I would've sniffed it all day.

Because choosing which lipstick to use for the day gets stressful enough as it is (So many pretty colors to choose from! So many moods to go through the day!) and I don't need to stress over my hair and how I'm taking care of it.

Do it all with #DoItAllHair care of Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner and grab your FREE samples from Sample Room now!

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