One year

10 September 2015

Something uncanny happened to me today.

Well, not so much as uncanny as funny, really.

I was checking my Timehop this morning and saw, much to my amusement, that the dress I was wearing today ---

was the same dress I was wearing exactly a year ago!

I usually plan my outfits the night prior but since I got home late last night I didn't really have the time and energy to do it, and so I just grabbed whatever I felt like wearing from my closet when I was in a mad rush preparing for work this morning.

The discussion could have ended there, but because I am me and I tend to over-analyze and romanticize everything, I thought about how much things have changed in just a span of that one year.

In a span of a year, I: learned how to paint; lost my Uncle Karl; finished writing and published a Young Adult story; joined two 5 KM runs; got promoted; got a boyfriend; failed writing a New Adult story; and finished writing and is in the process of publishing an urban fantasy story.

So many things happening, and there's no stopping anytime soon.

I love it.

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