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The stuff legendary parties are made of

As you know, I had the idea for a How I Met Your Mother-themed birthday party about three weeks ago. I'm a very passionate person and I'm so enthusiastic about things I love; couple that with my wanting to channel my feelings over the imminent finale of my favorite TV show in all the world, and you got the perfect spell to make my personal level of excitement really go up the charts.

Every Saturday and Sunday since was a DIY day with my sister
I wanted to make it more difficult for myself give myself a hard time give it a handmade-feel so I made sure to DIY as much as I could. That meant refraining from getting digital images online and printing them. 

I finally made a perfect yellow umbrella stamp! 
My first attempt was a big fail so I was very happy with this.
I also made a letter K written in calligraphy, although I think it looks more like an H.
The most challenging to make was the Ducky Tie! The finished "product" was a hit, though. My friend Alex took it home!

Props for photos
Aside from the Ducky Tie that Alex got, Ed took the blue French Horn home while Jonas got the "Suit Up!" word balloon.
The blue French Horn in action ^_^
While my favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother, I am so glad my sister's is Art Attack. She got most of the ideas for this legendary project from that show, like this reworking of The Bro Code to make my guest book!

I made my friends and guests sign this.
I'm proud to say that since I already have most of these materials at home, I spent less than P1,000 for everything. It was very, very tempting to shop for cute stuff, though! Like this 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building I would have liked to make into a replica of the GNB Building:

I know I wouldn't have much use for it after the party though, so I put it back and got cardboard instead.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the GNB Building when it was done, but here's one of me posing beside it!
The MacLaren's sign was written on chalkboard with dust-less chalk, while the menu was written on a plain white board with color pens.
The white and pink cake is from my Mom, while the How I Met Your Mother Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes and the yellow umbrella cake are from my friends. Receiving these is one of my birthday's highlights!
The MacLaren's gang with myself
The How I Met Your Music soundtrack was played all night, together with my favorite songs from Fun, One Direction, Train, and Imagine Dragons. We also watched the last two episodes!

Would you like to hire me as an event stylist? Kidding! Or not.

Half the fun I felt was preparing everything and putting together many different elements from the show. And even though some of my friends don't watch the show, they're still considerate and thoughtful enough to think of presents fitting for the theme. And of course, a party will never be successful without the most important part: the guests! Watch out for my next post. ;)


lee anne galano said…
Belated happy birthday! ang cool ng party theme mo! <3
krissy said…
Thanks, Nashe! I really wasn't expecting the cakes so I was so touched! ^_^ And thanks, I am particularly proud of that umbrella, only because the other ones I made before sucked haha.

I loved those 3D puzzles! Do you also have those cafes and stores that light up? I would have bought a couple if only I have space for them in my room. :D
krissy said…
Thanks, Lee Anne! <3
Ang saya ng decorations mo! Ok you can be event stylist sa coronation ko as subscription boxes queen, haha!
krissy said…
Thanks, Leah! :)
krissy said…
Thanks, alternate universe-me! And oh, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :D
AC M. said…
Very very creative. How I wish I also have the same level of patience like yours to do stuff like those on my own. :)
krissy said…
Thank you! It took a lot of work (and a little bit of budgeting skillz haha) but it was so fulfilling after seeing everything come together! :)
Hopeily said…
hi! i'm wondering what material did you use to make the stamps? thanks!
krissy said…
Hello! I use rubber erasers. :)

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