How I felt about Last Forever

02 April 2014

Sticks and stones may break your bones but TV shows and books will crush your soul to a million pieces.

Much has been said about the finale of How I Met Your Mother. When I first saw it yesterday amidst a box of tissues, I felt it was a perfect and satisfying ending. Without spoiling the show, I immediately sent messages to my friends who also watch it because I couldn't contain my *feels*. However, after thinking about it and talking it out to some friends who didn't like it, I thought that hey, maybe these are just graduation goggles and my over-all feelings about the show is just clouding my judgment.

I watched the two-part finale again earlier today, and nope, not graduation goggles.

Except for Barney's flaky character development, I liked it. However flawed and imperfect the ending was [and ugly some of their wigs were], I still found it apt and satisfying. I said before that I just want Ted to be happy and in the end that's what happened, even though it was something we theorized but not really what we expected. He has come full circle, and although it took quite a while (nine seasons with the last two of them feeling like duds TBH) what's important (to me at least, because he's the fictional character I can relate to the most) is that he got there.

So yeah, much has been said about the finale, but I think my favorite so far is this Thought Catalog article. You should also check out Josh Radnor's interview here. I love his work and I wish he comes up with more movies.

I'll probably be able to write more about my *feelings* in the future, but at the moment these are my initial thoughts. How I Met Your Mother is the TV show I talked about the most in this blog, and now that it's gone, I don't think something else will replace its hole in my heart anytime soon.

More than all the friendship and love lessons from Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily, and Marshall, the show's format really stuck with me because, like what I wrote on my calligraphy postcard, it's a constant reminder that "these moments will be stories one day," and I have to make the most out of it so I can have a great life full of great stories.

Oh MacLaren's gang, thank you for this beautiful crazy awesome wonderful ride. I will miss all of you so much.

Now I'm experiencing birthday blues (which is weird because I don't normally get birthday blues; I get new year blues) but I mustn't let it get to me. Back to preparing for my party!


  1. I'm waiting for you to write about this!!! I've written a piece as well but I have to wait a while before I post it because I can't write without SPOILERS.

    I cried buckets!!! At that scene when they were saying goodbye (before Ted was leaving for Chicago), I know the tears were real.

    All I can say about the ending is: it's the best logical ending. But it didn't feel right.

  2. I wanted to write last night but I slept early because I was too exhausted. I cried a lot, too! And I cried again when I watched it again earlier T__T I loved how most of their lines feel like real nods to their non-fictional selves as well.

  3. Darn. I really didn't like it! :( There were too many unnecessary lines
    and too many things going on packed into 43 minutes and I just...can't.
    It just wasn't satisfying for me. The 2nd half of the whole season
    should have led up to this ending, I feel! They made us love the mother
    and killed her off too soon. Everything felt rushed. I know it reflects
    real life but it's also a sitcom and like, shouldn't it make most of us
    feel good at the end? IDK and before I ramble on even more I better
    But glad you liked it, though! I wish I could come to terms with it like you but...sigh.

  4. I agree that it felt rushed. DIdn't like Barney's character development as well. They're releasing the Series DVD soon though, and they're including an alternate ending! I want/ NEED that in my life! :D


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