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16 April 2014

I don't even remember how I first came across Bea's beauty blog, all I know is that it was love at first read. I enjoyed her beauty reviews not only because they're succinctly written but also because her writing style is so fresh and crisp. You should also totally check her Luxola articles out, too! I wish she updates her blog more frequently but hey, readers can't be whiners. Anyway, I excitedly clicked on her post The Writer Tag because it's something that spoke directly to *me* as an aspiring writer when what do you know, I reached the end and saw she tagged me! Me! ME! Eeeek! That was a whoah moment for me because as I said, I am a fan and, well, I didn't think my current posts are at par with my old posts I liked. Anyway, blabber babbler, here are my answers to The Writer Tag.

1. What type of writing do you do?

Fiction and non-fiction in the form of this blog. I also used to dabble with poetry although I can't do that anymore now and I don't know why. I am also currently trying to write a romance novella.

2. What genres and/or topics do you write about?

This blog is filled with personal, beauty and fashion, and lifestyle posts mostly, although even when I post press releases I try to inject as much of my own voice as I can into them. As for fiction, I prefer romance and YA, but I would also like to try my hands on fantasy/ mythology.

3. How long have you been writing?

Does constructing entire fantasy worlds in my head count? If so, for as long as I could remember. As a child I had kingdoms, mystical worlds, jungles, and cities ruled by my Barbie dolls. I also really enjoyed my English and Filipino classes especially whenever we were asked to write on our formal theme notebooks and wrote a lot of poems when I was in high school. 

4. Are you published?

Only on our school folio and online (I used to write for a women's website based in Singapore). I never got the courage to submit articles to local newspapers and magazines. :(

5. What was the first story you ever wrote?

This is horrible of me, but I don't remember. o_0

6. Why do you write?

I write because I feel everything too much. I write because the world is full of stories. I write because the world needs more stories.

7. How do you find time to write?

I just do. I almost always carry a notebook with me, but if there's no pen and paper around I make do by typing it down on my phone. Sometimes I repeat a line in my head over and over again just to make sure I commit it to memory and then write it down the first chance I get.

8. When and where are the best times to write?

Any time is the best time, although I have a day job so I only get to take care of this blog and/ or do some serious writing when I get home. I can also stay home all weekend and just write.

9. Favorite food/ drinks while writing?

Nothing in particular. Depends on what I feel like eating in that moment. I'm a moody eater.

10. Your writing playlist?

None. This is weird of me, but I find my thoughts really noisy as it is so when there's music I get really distracted. Playing music makes me sing along and forget what I originally wanted to write in the first place, so sometimes I just put my earphones on just to block everything out and listen to nothing.

11. What do family/ friends/ loved ones think of you writing?

I haven't really checked, although I know that they're happy I'm doing what I love doing. Some of those I rarely see because of distance and circumstance even tell me they read my blog to check out what's up with me these days. I have a friend who's so enthusiastic about my decision to write my first novella that he has begun pushing me every chance he gets. "Why are you texting? You should be writing your book. Get to it!" was the reply I got earlier ha ha.

12. Parts of writing you enjoy the most?

That feeling you get when you see and feel everything coming together. ♡  

13. Parts of writing you find challenging?

Technical writing. Ask me to write a formal business letter and I'll look back at you with a blank look.

14. What do you use to write with and on?

I type directly on Blogspot when I'm writing new blog posts. For my notes, I have a stash of notebooks on hand and I just pluck any of them when inspiration strikes. For my romance novella, I am using a rust-orange notebook given to me by a friend. It's not my favorite color but I hope it's bright enough to goad me when I'm feeling like procrastinating.

15. How do you overcome writer's block?

I try to write around it, but if nothing really comes I just don't force it and watch or read instead.

16. How do you motivate yourself to write?

I don't really *need* motivation because it's something I really love doing and it's something that comes naturally to me heh. However, I do get intimidated especially after reading a great book and thinking I will never be able to create something close to that, so I just tell myself that it's not a race and that I should use them as inspiration, not hurdles.

17. Authors who inspire you as a writer?

A LOT. I try to take away a little from every author whose work I enjoyed immensely, but off the top of my head I would say Neil Gaiman, Allie Brosh, David Levithan, Marla Miniano, and Mina V. Esguerra.

18. Books that inspire you as a writer?

Gaiman's Neverwhere, Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, Manix Abrera's Kikomachine Komix series, Robin Sloan's Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, and a lot more. Can I also include movies? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Before trilogy.

19. Best advice you’ve gotten as a writer?

20. Writing goals this year?

I would like to write and publish book after book after book, but first things first - I need to churn out 30,000 words and finish my romance novella by July. As I said in that post, I'd like my novella to be an easy and comforting read, like a nice movie in your head, or like something you'll come back to every time you just want to read something that almost feels like a friend. I want to write something that makes the reader want to soak it all in and then lend to as many of his/ her friends after. I want to write something that sticks with the reader long after the book has gathered dust and the pages yellowed mostly because I can say that about a lot of books I've loved. Such high and mighty goals, I know. But writing without dreaming of these things? Where's the fun in that?

Thanks for tagging me, Bea! I rarely answer blog memes and tags nowadays but I sure enjoyed answering this! Now this is where I get corny and say I won't be tagging anyone. Instead, anyone who wants to do this Writer Tag can go ahead and answer it! Put your links below because I would like to read your answers, too!

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