07 April 2014

A party is only as good as its guests. For my 28th birthday, I decided to pool my favorite people and hold a How I Met Your Mother-themed party at my aunt's house in Malinta last Saturday. Not everyone was able to go because of work and other commitments, but nevertheless it was indeed legendary!

I put my props to good use by taking photos of those who couldn't go holding them! I'm so touched that even my boss Celine joined in!

Ever beautiful and radiant Celine Gabriel-Lim
Rica couldn't go because she was set to leave for Japan that day. She made Graham Balls for my guests though, which were a BIG hit!
Anne couldn't go because, well, because she didn't want to. ^__^
She will host a belated birthday dinner for me next week, though. YAY! I told her I'll bring my props so it can be my #LegenwaitforitdaryKrissyParty part two!
Mike couldn't go because of work. The Ducky Tie is too short for him, but he still managed to pull it off. :D
I even asked my carpool-mates to hold my props during their pre-birthday surprise dinner for me, hee.
Life's too short to have boring parties, so I am really glad and thankful that these people came!


I know the place is quite far so I am very thankful that these guys took some time off their busy schedules just to celebrate with me! I felt so special and loved. To be honest I was really feeling dejected up until the night before the party because many of my invited guests cancelled, but my friends (special mention to Ed and my friends from my carpool service Mike, Ralph, Chum, and Sheila) assured me that it's not about the quantity - it's the quality. Besides, how can I have the heart to still feel sad after their surprise pre-birthday dinner for me? Ridiculous birthday blues!

Can I share with you some of the gifts I got, too?

MacLaren's gang Brazo de Mercedes cupcakes from my carpool-mates
Legendairy cake from my friends Niel, Ric, and Christian
My friend/ former officemate/ former neighbor Michelle asked my friends and former officemates in HSBC to sign this huge card with their birthday wishes for me! Shown here with a set of color pens for scale.
Stockton Row Tra Vinh Chain Necklace form my boss Jenny
Casio wristwatch from my aunt Jean
Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow from my boss Celine, together with the sweetest note
Michelle, Jonas, and Dao gave me red rainboots because I can pull. them off. >_<
Lip stain kit from Alex that I mistook for a bottle of calligraphy ink
Accessories from Ed
And of course, I couldn't not mention all the sweet letters you left in The Krissy Code like the letter Jonas wrote to Future Krissy, and these:

"I dearly hope you remain this bright-eyed romantic as I've always known you. The jaded and the cynical is so passe and we need more people like you around to make the world more beautiful." Awww thanks, Alex!
And yes, a "Ted Mosby sucks!" note from Anne, just to spite me. XD
Totally wasn't expecting this frui-quet from SM Accessories! Thank you!
I'd also like to thank everyone who remembered and sent their greetings either over the phone or online via Facebook and Twitter. Those few seconds you took to send birthday wishes my way are much, much appreciated. My heart felt like it was going to burst! Special mention also to my dearest and oldest (we've known each other since we were four!) friend Niel, who was with me from morning of the party until morning the next day. She prepared the Super Bowl Spicy Chicken Wings and they were a winner! (Ask Alex!) Special thanks also to my aunt Jean for letting me transform their house into a tribute to MacLaren's. We can never have too much gratitude in this world so thank you, thank you, thank you. Definitely one of the best and most memorable weekends ever. And yes, I've saved up enough of them best weekend memories so I'll have something to pull up during days I'm feeling blue!

Also, yes, we watched the How I Met Your Mother finale and talked about our feelings after. Original goal achieved!

Happythankyoumoreplease. Thank you, you're legendary. Tightest of hugs and highest of fives all around! 


  1. awwww!! it seemed like such a happy party, krissy! and you have such sweet friends! I will forever think of your party as legen-wait-for-it- Dary!:) Hehe! Happy Birthday again! Love you!

  2. It was! And I do! Thank you, Ava! Wishing you a great and memorable 25th birthday celebration, too! Love you! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  3. Happy birthday again, krissy!! :) huhu ang galing ng red boots, everyone was at the himym page talaga haha! And your friend alex's message is soo true (and sweet!!)! Looks like you had a lot of fun! God bless you more, and here's to you getting everything that you deserve (a lot!). Cheers! :)

  4. happy birthday ulit! your friends are the sweetest! :)

  5. I know, right?? They wanted to get me a yellow umbrella raw but they couldn't find any, so they got the red boots instead ^_^ I laughed out loud after I read the note! My friends from the carpool service also wanted to get me a yellow umbrella but apparently there's a shortage LOL. My friends who got me the Legendairy cake don't watch the show but it's so cool and touching that they also stuck to the theme. :) I'm so thankful! Thanks, Ghoent!! :)

  6. They are! Thank you so much!! :)

  7. Looks wonderful! I love the "KRISSY" cardboard (?) standing letters! The cake and cupcakes are amazing. The red boots are so nice too-- something I can imagine you wearing! Belated happy birthday and may God bless you always, Krissy! :D

  8. Those are papier mache letters and I got them from Artees Collection (available on Instagram)! ^_^ I know, my friends are so clever. :D Thanks, Claire! God bless you, too!



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