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30 April 2014

It feels like it was only a couple of months ago when I wrote about how excited I was about Sample Room's launch, but it turns out it has already been more than one year! Has it really been that long?


Sample Room has been around for only less than two years but it's amazing how it has revolutionized the way we Filipinas shop for beauty and body-care products! In the short span of time they've been online, they have partnered with a lot of both local and imported products and with our reviews, we have passed judgment on whether they are worth purchasing with our hard-earned bucks or not. Sure, beauty boxes give more mileage for your money, but you have to admit there are still misses among the hits. As for Sample Room, you get to try what you want to try when you want to try it. Try before you buy, indeed!

Sample Room is now looking for more bloggers to add in their Bloggers Circle and I believe I deserve a spot because:

♥ I am spontaneous, adventurous, and willing to try new things. Sample Room's goal is to introduce new products to the Philippine market, and I will be a willing guinea pig to see what works and what doesn't.

♥ I have lots of opinion about everything and I share them as thoroughly, honestly, and tactfully as I can, which is helpful especially when writing reviews. (You may read my reviews on beauty products and services here. Unconsciously, I've also written about my hair several times. Meanwhile, lip products are my favorite and I write about them frequently; you may find those posts here.)

♥ I am very active on social media. My work involves being online almost all of the time so you should expect Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts from me any random time of the day.

♥ I have now learned to be more budget-savvy. Sample Room's philosophy of trying before buying sits well with me because from being an impulsive shopper before, I am now more careful when it comes to my expenses. I wouldn't buy something if it didn't suit me, but I would have no qualms spending more on something if it turns out to work really, really great for me.

Lastly, I deserve a spot in Sample Room's Bloggers Circle because I believe taking care of one's self and appearance is also a way of showing courtesy to the people you meet every day. I know you'll agree when I say that you feel good when you know you look good as a result of taking care of your body, health, and appearance.

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