The makings of a legendary party

19 March 2014

It all started as a joke.

I was chatting with my friends Ed and Jonas about the inevitable end of the greatest and my most favorite show on Earth, How I Met Your Mother. We talked about how extremely sad we will be when the finale airs because there'll be no future episodes to look forward to, which eventually led to Jonas suggesting we put up a support group and watch the finale together. He said we should refrain from watching it by ourselves, like that episode where the MacLaren's gang tried their hardest not to see the Superbowl results as it has been their tradition to watch it together. I countered that it would be too difficult, so I said maybe we can just hold a viewing party the following weekend so we can watch it for possibly the nth time and then talk about our feelings. Everyone agreed.

There was only one problem: my birthday falls on that same weekend.

I want to celebrate my birthday and the greatest show in the world, so the solution: have a How I Met Your Mother-themed birthday party!

I LOVE theme parties but occasions for having them are few and far between. On my 24th birthday, my party's theme was Pink Positive, and it is one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever! I can see it being topped by this one, though.

These moments are going to be stories someday, and I want a kickass story about my 28th birthday!

I know that I have less than three weeks to prepare, but psh, details schmetails. I work in PR - I make the impossible possible!

There are a LOT to be done, though. Good thing I have my friend Ed, my expansive knowledge about the show, and Pinterest to help me!

And so the planning begins...
Inspiration for the invite
My aim is not only to celebrate HIMYM, but also to not alienate my guests who have never seen an episode of the show. Hah. I will DIY 83% of the party decors and props, so I am going to be really, really busy! I don't mind, because it's going to be legen-wait for it-dary! Legendary!

Other people have complained about how Ted is just a whiny hopeless romantic sap. Maybe he is. But then again, I have never related to any other fictional character as much as I related to him. Sigh. I just love the show and the characters so much!

There are some theories pointing out that How I Met Your Mother will end tragically. Well, I hope Ted gets to live a long life with The Mother. He deserves to be happy. But, well, however the creators Cartey Bays and Craig Thomas chose to end it, I'm sure it is real, poetic, and beautiful. 

Can you help me come up with a nice hashtag for this party? So far I have #Celebrate28, #HaveYouMetKrissy, and #LegenwaitforitdaryKrissyParty. Thoughts?

Hoo boy. Advanced happy birthday to me! Celebratory high five!


  1. Good luck Krissy! Advance happy birthday! I hope readers like me get to be invited. Ha ha... Wishful thinking. :)

  2. This is going to be one for the books! I love theme parties! :))

  3. I think I like the #HaveYouMetKrissy hashtag. Wow, good luck with the party planning. I can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

  4. It's in the works! Oh my, I can't believe it. Advanced happy birthday. I'm excited. Pictures, ok?

  5. It could #HowIMetKrissy or #TheLegendaryDayOfKrissy... Advance Happy birthday.

  6. It just dawned on me that we have known each other since your Pink Positive party days... 4 years ago! (and even before that too i think!) How time flies..

    I LOVE this party idea and i'm sure you're going to execute it beautifully. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!!

    Love all the hashtag ideas but i just had a thought, if it's #HowIMetKrissy your friends can chime in on a notebook or some kind of memorabilia with a story about how they met you. Haha! Cheesy, i know, but i'm such a sucker for cheesy memorabilia!

  7. Thanks, Pau-pau! Naku, I wish I could invite everyone but the space/ resources are limited din :/

  8. Thanks, Rose! Crossing my fingers that it will be better than I imagined! :)

  9. HAHA THANKS, MIMAI!!! Birthdate SOON! :D

  10. Thanks, Rae! Oh believe you me, there'll be LOTS of pictures! :D

  11. Ooooh when is your birthday?? Mine's April 6, but I'll hold the party on the 5th! Thanks, and advanced happy birthday, too! :D

  12. YES! We've been friends more than that! :D Thanks, Kym! How I wish you and Winmark could attend my party!

    And regarding that idea, my guestbook will actually be a redoing of The Bro Code! It'll be The Krissy Code! LOL but your #HowIMetKrissy notebook sounds awesome, too! I need to find a way to incorporate that into the party! Maybe a game or something :p Thanks! And don't worry about it, I'm all about the cheese, too!

  13. oh there goes the answer to my question earlier.. happy birthday! have a blast! :)

  14. Advance happy birthday Krissy!



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