28 for 28th

09 April 2014

There are a few times in your life when you'll be touched by a book, or a movie, or a song. In my case, I have encountered more than enough works of fiction that have struck me and changed my views, but nothing has made quite an impact on me as much as How I Met Your Mother. It's a treasure trove of stories, pop culture references, and comedy gold but most importantly, it is chock-full of quotable quotes from Ted, Barney, Marshall, Robin, and Barney that any lover of words will certainly appreciate. For my [delayed] 28th birthday post, let me share with you 28 of my top favorites, in no particular order.
  1. Never forget that on any day, you could step out the front door and your whole life could change forever. You see, the Universe has a plan kids, and that plan is always in motion. A butterfly flaps its wings and it starts to rain. It's a scary thought, but it's also kind of wonderful. All these little parts of the machine constantly working... Making sure that you end up exactly where you're supposed to be, exactly when you're supposed to be there. The right place, at the right time.
  2. But that's the funny thing about destiny, it happens whether you plan it or not. Turns out, I was just too close to the puzzle to see the picture that was forming.
  3. I think for the most part, if you're really honest with yourself about what you want out of life, life gives it to you.
  4. Here's the thing about mistakes: sometimes, even when you know something's a mistake, you have to make it anyway.
  5. There are certain things in life where you know it's a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to really know it is a mistake is to make that mistake and look back and say, "Yup, that was a mistake". So really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because then you'll go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not.
  6. You can find problems with every decision, but you can't let that stop you.
  7. If you're not scared, you're not taking a chance. If you're not taking a chance, what the hell are you doing?
  8. Just because something needs to be told doesn't always mean it needs to be heard.
  9. The eggs are already cracked, so let's make sure we make some great omelettes out of them.
  10. When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.
  11. When it's after 2AM, just go to sleep. Because the decisions you make after 2AM are the wrong decisions.
  12. If all nights are legendary, no night is legendary.
  13. Sometimes things need to fall apart to make way for better things.

  14. Kids. you can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on, it's already gone.
  15. Doesn't being scared let you know you're on to something important?
  16. If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing. Timing. But timing's a bitch.
  17. We spend so much effort trying to keep parts of our lives hidden, even from our closest friends. But in those rare times when we do open up, it's amazing how minor those secrets all end up being.
  18. The future is scary, but you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar. Yes it's tempting, but it's a mistake.
  19. Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices... it's hard. But if it's the right person, it's easy. Looking at that girl, and knowing she's all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. And if it's not like that, then she's not the one.
  20. You can ask the universe for signs all you want, but ultimately, we only see what we want to see when we're ready to see it.
  21. You can't jump straight to the end. The journey is the best part.
  22. Because maybe it's dumb to look for signs from the universe, maybe the universe has better things to do - and dear God, I hope it does. Do you know how many signs I've gotten, how I should and shouldn't be with someone? Where has it gotten me? Maybe there aren't any signs. Maybe a locket's just a locket; a chair's just a chair. Maybe we don't have to give meaning to every little thing. Maybe we don't need the universe to tell us what we really want. Maybe we already know that. Deep down.
  23. Why not just say goodbye to the bad things? Say goodbye to all the times you felt lost. To all the times it was a no instead of a yes. To all the scrapes and bruises. To all the heartache. Say goodbye to everything you really want to do for the last time.
  24. When you love someone you just, you...you don't stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy. Even then. Especially then. You just- you don't give up because if I could give up... If I could just, you know, take the whole world's advice and- and move on and find someone else, that wouldn't be love. That would be... That would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for.
  25. Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.
  26. But love doesn't make sense. You can't logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it, or else we're lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
  27. And that's how it goes, kids. The friends, neighbors, drinking buddies, and partners-in-crime you loved so much when you're young - as the years go by, you just lose touch. You will be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is to part ways with people forever. That's why when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.
It's true that this life is sweeter than fiction, but in this big bad world of confusion and loss and madness, it's comforting to have a non-judging fictional gang of friends to turn to and help you make sense of things. This non-fiction life that I have has a lot of bumps, sure, but it's pretty legendary. With the MacLaren's gang, though, I am much more inspired to create better stories.

Baby, this will be my year. Cheers to 28!

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