"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

26 April 2014

My favorite part in attending big events is always the dressing up. I love conceptualizing what outfit to wear and choosing the shoes and accessories to go with it; I love putting on my own makeup as much as having my makeup done professionally; and, I love figuring out how to fix my hair. I've done it so many times already that I already have a "system". All I need is time and I'm sure I will be able to source everything I need.

I didn't have that luxury of time this week.

I only had less than a week to prepare for this year's Unilever Craft Awards held at Samsung Hall in SM Aura yesterday, but with the help of great friends, I [think I] was able to pull it off.

Every year, Unilever recognizes outstanding brands that have created an impact on the lives of Filipino consumers by holding the annual Craft Awards. I am extremely proud to say that we at ARC PR have been nominated twice this year! We were advised that it's always a posh and swanky affair so Rica, our boss Jenny, and I made sure we dressed appropriately.

I packed my new traincase from Cream Silk (thank you so much!) with my prettifying essentials and went to Rica's so we can fix ourselves up together.

The outfit I was able to source reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter so I figured I should just try to do an HBC-inspired hair and makeup look as well.

I have also decided I will grow my hair this year, thus this awkward growing-out phase that I thought would look better if done intentionally messy. Heh.

Tao by Rajo Laurel for Parisian and spiky/ studded pumps by Comfit Shoes from Sarah's blog sale
I couldn't decide which shoe to wear at first; I was leaning towards the Tao boots but after trying on the whole outfit, I chose to go with the studded pumps. Those spikes and studs are really pointy, by the way, so be careful if you plan on touching them.

Layered crucifix necklace from Anagon Collection, Casio wristwatch, Swarovski bangle, and YRYS earrings and ring
I added some color to my predominantly black ensemble with a coat of Diva by Caronia
I'd like to thank my friends Rica for lending me a corset (because I couldn't find the one I bought years ago) and Nio for lending me the black poofy skirt that I have loved ever since Alex wore it at BU4. Here's a little secret: that skirt has a 22-inch waistline! I'm no longer the stick-thin girl I was so one of the two most challenging parts of yesterday was when Rica was zipping me up! The other one was when I struggled to breathe the rest of the night! LOL.

I did the easiest makeup look I know: smokey eyes!

We were quite early at the venue so we were still able to squeeze in a little snack and cocktails.

Rica keeping it chic and classy

We didn't win but nevertheless it's an honor to be nominated on our first year of handling a Unilever brand. Incidentally, I had an epiphany during our event last Tuesday when, while listening to the EVP/ CEO of Shakey's speak, I suddenly felt emotional. This is cheesy, but there are moments during our events when I pause and take it all in, and wonder how different my life would have been if I didn't take the leap back in 2012. This happens especially when I meet smart and innovative people, and I just can't help but be inspired by them. I even get emotional sometimes because I just feel thankful I'm here. It gets stressful, yes, but I'm grateful. Not to say I'm not grateful for the job I left behind because I did meet a LOT of great people whom I am still great friends with, but, last Wednesday would've been my seventh year with the company if I didn't leave. I'm glad I did.

I'm meant to be here. I love my job. :)

The title of this post came from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.


  1. I tasted the Mango-Peach Medley Snow Ice as my dessert. I haven't tried the two flavors. What is the best for you Krissy? Yeah, I loved their shaved ice! :)

  2. I loved both the Halo-halo and Choco Sensation, I can't decide which one I like more! Maybe it depends on what I'm craving for that day? :D

  3. I will try the others next time that I visit. thank you Krissy. :)


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