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My favorite Android apps

When I wrote my review for my Cherry Mobile Flare, I said I will share my favorite apps soon. Almost eight months later (life and a lot of other stuff got in the way, okay? LOL), here it is.

Some apps I use more than others, while some I don't get to use that much but cannot bring myself to uninstall. Without further ado, here is a series of screenshots to show you my phone's current contents, all downloaded (most are free, some I paid for) from Google Play. I included the links of my favorites so if you are interested to try any of these apps, you can just click the link and download.

The Little Prince GO Super Theme
I love collecting The Little Prince merchandise so this theme is perfect.

I created folders for my apps to make it easier to find what I need. Looks neater and more organized, too!

Camera. Obviously, photo apps are my favorite because I have the most number of apps here. Confession: I edit my photos first before I upload photos in Instagram or Facebook - a few tweaks here and there can make a big difference! Cymera and Snapseed are my favorites because of the former's stickers and filters and the latter's ability to make my photos look like they were taken by a real camera. I also like BokehPic, Comic Strip It!, Globe Photo, Shape'd, and Sketch GuruMagic Hour is the first app I paid for, but now I don't even use it that much anymore.

Entertainment. About You! is a fun app that tells you about your personality just by typing your name. I don't know if it's bogus or not, but everything it said about me is true hee. Harry Potter Spells and Curses contains a lot of sound clips of spells from the Harry Potter movies. I just love listening to them say Wingardium Leviosa or Expecto Patronum ha ha. I know, I'm weird. Moving on... Get Glue, Goodreads, IMDb, and Series Guide feed my need for information about books, movies, and my favorite TV shows. And yes, I find no shame in admitting that I do have an app that teaches me the many different ways to Tie a Scarf.

Games. I don't get to use my phone for games as much as I used to because I get too busy with other things, while most times I prefer to just read using my Kindle than play with my phone. During idle times though, I like playing Kairosoft games. Also, there was a time I got totally addicted to Fruit Ninja that I bought the full version LOL.

Social. I guess all these apps are pretty standard for all smartphone users so I don't have to write anything about them anymore, do I?

Tools. I bought Beautiful Widgets and SwiftKey and they are probably the best Android purchases I've ever done. I just love how SwiftKey has familiarized itself with my style; its predictive text input has made emailing and texting easier and faster! Meanwhile, I use ColorNote, Notebooks, and Papyrus to jot down my ideas whenever there are no pen and paper around. Let's face it, we're around our phones more than a real notebook and pen, right?

By the way, guess who my phone Zippy's new companion is?

It's an Alien from Pizza Planet! I find these creatures ridiculously adorable that I try to get my hands on merchandise featuring them as much as possible! I should feature them on another post soon. Anyway, this ear phone pluggy was sent to me together with a pair of beetle earrings and a turquoise bracelet by Yellow Sparklers. You should check out their page as they have a lot of pretty accessories at really affordable prices! They are also selling Taiwan homemade milk tea that, frankly, I am super curious about.

Ninja vs Alien
What about you, what are your favorite Android apps? Are there any apps you want to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments! ♥ 


ava te said…
you're so organised!! I still don't know how to control my apps haha!
May2x said…
Hi i just wanna ask how do i do a screenshot with my cm flare? I know that sounds stupid but I just don't know how. Thanks! P.S. I love The Little Prince Theme!
krissy said…
Hi! You just have to hold the Power button and Decrease Volume button down for a few seconds, and then it will take the screenshot for you. :)
B-R-Y-A-N said…
Hi Nice one! tanong ko lang pg my narerecieve ka ba na message hindi ba nagluluko? sakin kasi minsan sa taas ng reply ko :(
Marii said…
Hello po :) Saan po kayo nakakabili ng cases? I love the pink one! Hope you'll reply. Thanks! :)
Faye said…
Can i ask po kung pano makagawa ng folders para mas maging maayos mga apps mo sa phone? Like sa phone mo po. Diq kase alam and Im new with an android phone po eh. Thankyou
Lilli said…
hi po i just bought cm flare di ko po alam pano organize..can you pls make a tutorial on how to organize or blog about it plssss poooo gusto ko po ksi ganyan kaayos katulad po ng inyo..:(
krissy said…
It's easy if you have GO Launcher EX installed.
B-R-Y-A-N said…
Go settings date & time check mo automatic date and time. Ok na sakin
kija said…
Hello anong launcher bayan?
Ang ganda kasi eh gusto ko ganyan din
yung cm flare ko.
pink_aura said…
Ms. Krissy, ang dami mong apps. Ilang GB ba microSD mo? Thanks!
Nicko Rosadino said…
You can visit " Cherry mobile flare ( Official ) on facebook you can learn more information about flare and you will be having some tips how to organize your flare properly . :)
Nicko Rosadino said…
No need to use Go launcher to try screen shot :) just Hold Power button + volume down .

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