Meeting Manix

04 May 2013

I never realized the extent of my fan girl-ing until today, when I lined up for more than six hours just for a few moments of shy conversation with my favorite local comic book artist, Manix Abrera of Kikomachine Komix fame.

1. My sister and I were numbers 88 and 89. They only accommodated 100 so thank God we were still able to get slots!
2. View from the fourth floor where we waited all afternoon.
3. My Kickers boots and my out-of-this-world Havaianas flip flops that my sister wore.
4. My little sister Kyla who's not so little anymore. She's only 13 yet she's already taller than me! Life's not fair.
5. I live for surreal moments like this.

Those more-than-six long hours of waiting? WORTH IT. Manix is so humble without even the slightest hint of false modesty, and he's so cute! The reason why we waited so long is because he drew on every. single. book handed to him for his autograph. When it was already my turn, I told him about how I brought all my books but I'll just ask him to sign five because I feel for the others who were also waiting, but he insisted on signing everything! And then I thought that yes, I've waited just as long as everyone else, I deserve that little pocket of time! So now all my ten books have different mini illustrations and messages done by him, and yes I have ten books again even though I lost Blg. 5 because I bought a new one earlier!

I wasn't able to get free comic books from the Free Comic Book Day but I don't mind because I got more - so much more - than I bargained for.

Thank you so much, Manix! I don't know if you'll ever get to read this but I hope you don't stop being awesome. Rakenrol.


  1. That was close, I'm glad you got there in time to be among the 100.

  2. I'm super glad, too! Thanks Rick! :D


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