02 June 2013

BU5 came and went, and it is probably my favorite yet!

I am a little sad though because I wasn't able to go around and take photos with people as I was too busy manning my booth. Great news for my wallet, though.

If I look like I'm sick in the photos, that is because I still am.
A lot of people visited my booth to say hi and I'm scared I gave them germs x_x
I brought one big box and five big bags of clothes in the morning and went home with only one box and two bags of clothes left. Big thanks to everyone who visited my booth and bought something!

I didn't have a rack but Kira's helper was kind enough to let me hang some clothes in theirs. And because I didn't have anyone to help me set up, I just put most of the clothes on the floor and on the table! I found though that I sold more from the piles on the floor and table than on the rack. I should prolly display all clothes that way next time ha ha.

Most of the clothes I sold are from my boss Celine Gabriel-Lim and her friends, and they're all branded stuff at ridiculously low prices! It took a LOT of effort on my part not to hoard everything because they're all so pretty and inexpensive! Zara, Ann Taylor, United Colors of Benetton blazers at P300? Zara and Mango tops and dresses at P50 to P100? I almost didn't want to hand them to the people who bought them. In the end I went home with a skirt, a top, and a dress at P150 each, a dress for P300, and a scarf for P50. Not bad. Congratulations, self. :)

This girl bought this embellished Bershka bolero for P200 ONLY.
This gray Calvin Klein suit has a matching skirt, and the set was being sold for P350 ONLY.
After someone bought the Calvin Klein suit and skirt set, my friend Ed said I had such a pained expression on my face ha ha. I am such an emoticon, I should learn how to control my face.

When the gates to Function Room 3 opened, a rush of people came to my booth and I panicked a bit a lot because I am not used at multi-tasking in bazaars: answering price inquiries, wrapping stuff, and counting people's change, that I made a little cry for help. Nio came to the rescue!

Big thanks to Alex for letting me borrow Nio! He's an angel!
My friends Ed and Myk also dropped by and made my jaws hurt because of laughing too much!
Ed: This vest was worn by Pocahontas in the movie Pocahontas.
Myk: This top was worn by Dayanara Torres in the movie Basta't Kasama Kita.
Ed: This dress was worn by Rihanna at the Grammy's! Backstage!
Myk: This pair of heels was supposed to be the heels used in The Devil Wears Prada's movie poster!

So hilarious, my friends are.

My friend Michelle also came! Thanks, Mich!
My Sigaw sister Luci with her sister Jacq and cousin Mary Rose. Thank you for being super supportive all the time!
Pretty Anne. She has always visited my booth since BU3! Thank you!
Another shout-out to Alex for manning my booth while my friends and I went out for lunch. :)

Super late 3PM lunch at Tokyo Tokyo

One of my favorite people I met in the internets, Job. Thank you for the bracelet! I really appreciate it, and I am wearing it now as I type this entry! :)
Nifty tank top personalized by Rejj. Thank you so much!!! I feel bad we don't have a photo together :(
I stayed only until 5PM as I was already feeling pretty beat up and I didn't want to spread any more germs.  I feel like I missed a lot of people *sad* I will definitely load up on vitamins on the days leading up to the next BU so that this won't happen again!

Caught up with Paul for a snappie before we left SMX
Alex drove me, Mich, and Nio to Anne's so we can fetch her and have sinful kansi at Pat-Pat's! A perfect ending to a perfect day if only I wasn't sick.

Neeenja pullover - Herro hachi | Skirt - Freeway | Heels - PILL
Thanks Paul for the photo!
HUGE thanks again to everyone who came and congratulations to the Bloggers United team especially its organizers Ana and Aisa for another successful BU bazaar! 'Til next!

For my other entries about the previous Bloggers United Bazaars, please click here. ;)


  1. That CK suit! Ughh! I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Sayang.

    Lesson learned: Go through my feeds more often.

    I've been to a couple of Bloggers United events. Sucks I missed this, but I'm glad to see you had fun. :)

  2. Are you fully healthy now? I hope it wasn't too bad an illness. Summer is the worst time for that.


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