Newest faces of SM Shoes and Bags

14 June 2013

SM Shoes and Bags launched its newest brand ambassadors at a posh event held in 7th High a couple of weeks ago, and truth be told they couldn't have chosen better people to represent what its three iconic brands – Parisian, Salvatore Mann, and Milanos – stand for.

Photo from Parisian's Facebook page
Parisian has always been known for its elegance, functionality, and affordability for generations of fashionable women. Who better to represent the brand than beautiful actress KC Concepcion? Not only did she spend some time studying in the city of lights, she also combines fun and fashion, wit and candor, and style and substance.

Like most young women, KC confesses that she’s become “a shoe-holic and bag-a-holic”. “Shoes and bags can transform one’s look,” she adds. “These can change the feel of an outfit and even how a woman feels about herself.” 
While her shopping adventures have brought her to the fashion capitals of the world, KC is amazed at Parisian shoes and bags. “Parisian shoes and bags are on-trend,” she says. “I love their architectural details and vibrant colors. “ 
“Every girl can find something from Parisian,” KC adds. “These are statement shoes not only because they are fashionable, but they allow one a lot of self expression. And the best part is that they are so affordable.”

On-trend statement shoes with architectural details and vibrant colors

Salvatore Mann’s quality leather shoes and bags are designed for the gentleman of style. These are perfect for corporate wear as well as formal occasions. Luis Manzano, one of today’s busiest celebrities with movies, television shows, hosting gigs, parties, and dinner invitations on his agenda, has been chosen to represent the brand.

Salvatore Mann’s elegant leather shoes and bags are known for their sleek designs and superior comfort. Its modern take on formal shoes highlights sophistication with ease. 
Luis’ many engagements frequently require him to be dressed to the nines, as they say. But these also require him to be standing for hours. “I really have to be as comfortable as possible with my shoes,” he says. “That’s quite a challenge since I have to be dressed in formal attire at times.” 
Salvatore Mann’s leather slip-ons and lace-up shoes top Luis’s list, as do its satchel and duffel bags. He is happy that Salvatore Mann’s style and comfort allows him to breeze through all these with ease. He adds that quality and affordability are important factors for him when choosing the pair of shoes.

Classy leather shoes and bags that go from day-to-night, weekday to weekend and work or play

If Salvatore Mann is for men who are on the go 24/7, Milanos’ youthful designs compliment a guy’s active lifestyle. Perfect for the weekend warrior, it is everything cool and casual. Its newest endorser is ultra-cool and charming Sam Milby.

Milanos casual shoes are fashionable yet versatile. The Milanos guy is your buddy who surprises you with his love of extreme sports, the boy next door with an edge who loves the cool comfort of the shoes. 
As an actor, TV host, and singer, Sam needs different kinds of shoes for his work. “That’s what I love about Milanos shoes,” he says. “It has a wide range of options.” 
Likewise, “it’s not only for a certain age group – these can be worn by high school students and professionals alike. I love Milanos’ classy yet youthful style in its loafers, driving shoes, and lace up boots.”

Rev your weekend style with cool casual footwear in exciting styles and colors

I am very much aware of Parisian and it is definitely one of my most preferred local brands (I did a shoot with them last year and it is one of the biggest highlights of this blogging stint) and some of my most favorite pairs like these floral wedges and this "Batman" shoe from the Rajo! collection came from them but I am a bit embarrassed to admit I have little knowledge of how stylish the mens' shoes from Salvatore Mann and Milanos are until now. If I were a boy, I would definitely have a field day choosing from these different styles. I don't know about you but I think it's great that guys are being given more fashion options these days.

Huge thanks to Parisian for inviting me, I had a great time at the event! Congratulations for another successful launch, and I know things would only get much better for SM Shoes and Bags.

Now I can't wait to come to the store and reward myself with a pair or two!

Parisian, Salvatore Mann, and Milanos are exclusively available at SM Stores nationwide. Click the links to visit their respective Facebook pages.


  1. Sometimes I kind of feel relieved about not being used to wear heels. Ngayon pa lang na I can't wear heels ang dami ko nang shoes, what more if I can? I might not be able to stop myself from buying those super pretty heels! :D

  2. Naku, I find wearing heels difficult na these days, hindi na ako sanay. But I still can't stop buying! XD

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