How to: De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

21 June 2013

With the changing of seasons comes the switching of wardrobes. Safe from the sweltering heat and humidity of summer but prone to cold and wetness of rainy days, it's time to start thinking about piling on layers of clothes rather than piling them on. At this time of year, many people fancy clearing out their closets, but how do you really know which to ditch and which to keep?

Let’s be honest, your wardrobe is probably so cluttered that you don't even know what’s in the back of it or you still have clothes with the tags on!

A little #FlashbackFriday: this is a portion of my closet back in January 2011
It doesn't look like that anymore ;)
Time to get your sorting hat on and start making more space!

Get out the photo albums, and it's not just to choose photos for #ThrowbackThursday!
Start looking at your old snaps, not to reminisce, but to see if you're still wearing clothes you had a decade ago. It doesn't matter how fashionable you think it is, if it's showing up in holiday photos from 1993 then it doesn't belong in your wardrobe.

Sort clothes by season
Every woman (and man) should sort their wardrobe by season. What's the point in having all those heavy pullovers and jackets hanging in there for summer? Pack away your coats and store them in a separate wardrobe or set of drawers so they're out of the way.

Keep comfy clothes
There will always be the occasional dreary rainy day where you want to do nothing more than chill at home. It'll be great to have clothes that can easily brighten your mood whatever the weather! Superdry hoodies are a “must-have” item.

These would be great additions to my rainy day wardrobe. I love the colors!
Ditch anything that still has a price tag
If you're a bit of a shopaholic like me, there are probably loads of clothes stashed in your wardrobe that have never been worn. If you bought clothes more than a couple of months ago but they're still sporting the tag, it's about time you pass them on to someone else. Personally, I still have a lot of new clothes I still haven't worn, and I really don't know whether it's because I'm just waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them out, or maybe my preferences have changed already. I should follow this rule.

Ask for help
Ask your friends and/ or siblings to choose a few items of clothing that they don't really like on you. Whether it's a really old pair of jeans or an unflattering shirt, get your mates to help you refine your style.

Did these tips help? I hope they did! Care to share some other tips that I might not have covered? Share in the comments! This weekend is perfect for some closet-cleaning, so I'm sending you virtual kisses as encouragement ;)

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