Girl-shoes, Boy-bag.

16 June 2013

This has been a pretty good weekend despite the rain. Yesterday went well as planned: I got a haircut AND I got to shop!

Forgive my excitement, I haven't been in a mall for some good ol' spot of shopping in a while as my recent visits have been limited to attending events or meetings. It was nice to go and not mind anything except what to spend my money [and gift cards] on. (^_−)☆ 

I've always been big on instant gratification and I know this is something I need to learn to control so that I can save more, but it's so difficult when I think about how stressful work-weeks get and I just feel compelled to reward myself with something. Anything. Like six different lipsticks last Friday night.

After I got my hair cut yesterday, I wandered the aisles of SM Bags and Shoes and spotted what I wanted straightaway.

Battle of the chunky heels
Yoshi in black and Yori in fuchsia
I first saw them during the launch held a couple of weeks ago and was instantly attracted to their unique style. No kidding, my heart seemed to whisper MUST. HAVE. MUST. HAVE. at every beat ha ha. Now there's only one problem... I only had enough for one, so do I choose the one with the T-strap peeptoe style or the one with ankle straps? Can you guess which one I came home with?

PINK, flirty, modern, and sophisticated, I ended up choosing Yori. Isn't she pretty?
Really hoping it won't rain tomorrow so I can wear it to work!

And now, for a bag. I was pleasantly surprised by all the pieces showcased in the catalog they gave out after the launch so I figured I must pay Salvatore Mann a visit.

Long story short, I saw this bag 

– and fell in love.

Androgynous fashion at its finest! I love that it can be used by both men and women, and that it's spacious enough for me to be able to pack all my stuff in! Plus points for its gorgeous teal color!

Aside from the external zippered compartments where I can lug my coin purse, mini makeup kit, and earphones, this bag also has two bigger zippered compartments where I can stash the rest of my things in. No need to bring a separate laptop bag anymore because my netbook can easily fit in there together with my Kindle, digicam, personal and work mobile phones, umbrella, work notebook, pens, and all of my other can't-leave-the-house-withouts! Seriously, it's too inconvenient to drag two bags with me everywhere every time I need to bring my netbook to and from the office.

Also, not sure exactly how, but you can also convert this bag into a backpack. Is that awesome or what? The best thing about this bag? It costs P999.75 only!

So there! Gotta go and prepare my stuff now. Ha ha I feel like my younger self when I was still a student and I would prepare my school bag days before classes actually start! Psh, what a nerd. o(^▽^)o 

By the way, have you joined my Palette Pursuit giveaway yet?

Later! More stories/ reviews/ what have you's in the next coming days ❤


  1. ang ganda nung bag!! totally digging that utilitarian + minimalist look. and in a beautiful color pa!

  2. Love the shoes sweetie <3 Indeed a must-have ^ ^



  3. omggggg i love the shoes!! have to check those out! the bag is nice din perfect sa work ko kasi marami pwede ilagay :D

  4. Salvatore Mann has lots of other designs but I liked this one the most because of the color! :D

  5. Thanks Ate Yesha, get na rin :D

  6. Visit SM soon! I wanted to offer to buy for you but I got the last piece of this design na XD

  7. Yes, I brought it to work today na :D

  8. Helga Gabrielle WeberJune 17, 2013 at 1:20 PM


  9. awww. sayang maganda lang pala. Thank you for the reply. :-)

  10. You're welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  11. this bag also has two bigger zippered compartments Buy Custom Essays Online where can stash the rest.

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