The Sound of Color

27 June 2013

I have fond memories of Caronia as a child. When I was five or six, I used to watch my grandmother have her nails done and choose a "Color of the Week" for her. Color selection back then was very limited but I still had a ball comparing each one. I remember wanting to have a mani-pedi myself but my father wouldn't allow me so I had to find contentment in deciding what color would look good on my Lola's nails.

Fast forward to today, I am now allowed to have my nails done in any color or nail art design I want! Haha. Aside from lipstick, nail polish is one of my regular indulgences because I find looking through rows and rows of nail polish bottles in different colors therapeutic. Different nail care brands now carry wide selections of different colors and formulation that it is even possible to change your nail color every day for a year!

Last week, I received an invite from Caronia that was too difficult to turn down.

This pretty package contains six bottles of Caronia polishes and a speaker that plays an updated version of the Caronia jingle!
I attended the event held at the Hexagon Lounge in RCBC Plaza last night and was treated to a different kind of nail pampering. :)

Instead of the usual mani-pedi stations, the venue had three booths that represent three music genres: Alternative, Pop, and Rock. Each booth was decorated accordingly.

Ana had her nails done at the Alternative booth
As for me, well, I love '90s Alternative music but I just HAD to go to the Pop booth.

I love all the bright and bold colors!
Besides, don't you think my outfit that day was very pop star-ish? ;)
I couldn't stay long because I had to catch the shuttle home so I wasn't able to have nail art done, but I chose this pretty pink polish named Posh as supposed base for neon green polka dots:

Comparing nail colors with Rica ^_^
Ana and me!
Posh is a frosted soft petal pink color that complements my skin tone. I love it and I think I'm going to buy a bottle the next time I visit Watsons or SM Beauty.

It perfectly matches my current favorite pink lipstick...
and my Samsung netbook Robyn!
The pretty box contains these. Love!
Rica got busy and applied a swipe of Diva to her existing nail color from the previous night
Caronia now has more than 70 colors and they want to highlight those in the upcoming The Sound of Color campaign!

From the funky to the classic, the energetic to the serene, the harmonic to the edgy and loud, Caronia believes that the blend of these two timeless facets of self-expression-color and sound-are instrumental in inspiring women to share their passion to the world. 
To kick off the campaign, Caronia will launch the Caronia Jingle Contest, a search for the best and most talented local act who used their own sound to bring the artistry of the Caronia Jingle to brand new heights. This contest asks people to perform their own rendition of the Caronia jingle, with emphasis on how original and creative their entry is. 
The campaign culminates with The Sound of Color Music Festival, a 4-hour musical extravaganza to be held this November at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA, featuring electrifying performances from an exciting line-up of some of the best acts from the local music scene today. Part of the set are finalists from the Caronia Jingle Contest, with the festival serving as the grand finals for the jingle contestants.
Do you love color? Are you musically-inclined? I love color but I am not that talented when it comes to singing so I won't, but if you are interested to join then please visit Caronia's Facebook page for more information! Good luck!

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