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Hello Saturday, where have you been all week?

Ahhh Saturday. A beautiful day to sleep in and lounge around the house all day, or probably go out and spoil yourself.

As for me, I chose the latter.

Majority of this week was spent for work, and even though I got a reprieve last Wednesday via a special screening of Man of Steel (I have yet to write a review by the way, because I didn't want to spoil the movie for anyone) care of Nestle Crunch, it was still very stressing because of the rain and floods. At first I figured I wanted to just stay in the house all day and read or watch DVDs, but then I was like, meh, I haven't had a nice me-time in a while, so why not have one today?

Especially since I woke up this morning looking like this:

First in today's agenda: get a haircut.

I scoured Pinterest for hair inspirations and narrowed down my choices to these:

I've already booked an appointment with my favorite stylist in FIX Lab TriNoma, Pabs, and I will just let him decide. I trust his judgments when it comes to my hair basically because he was the first one to chop off my long locks and gave me a haircut I really liked

I was also lemming for new lipsticks the whole week, but that itch was finally scratched when I shopped for new lip colors online last night. I'm so excited to receive them!

Hmm, thanks to Parisian, maybe I'll get a new pair of shoes or a bag later, I don't know. We'll see. :)

How about you, what are your plans for today? Any chance you'll be in TriNoma or SM North EDSA, too? Tweet me! :)

Gotta go get ready now. However you spend it, I hope you enjoy your weekend, too. Don't forget to join my Palette Pursuit giveaway and see you when I see you! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 


Hazel said…
i want to see your new 'do!! haha and good job for getting a me-time for yourself :)
Rick said…
I went the other route--slept late. :)
I see your hair, but you still look lovely.

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