Keep Calm and Moisturize

23 June 2012

When an invite like this comes:

you know the event's going to be extra-special!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely dinner hosted by Neutrogena for the launch of a new formula for their Hydro Boost line. The place looked magnificent,

the food tasted heavenly,
And the people I was with all looked fantabulous!
Shared a table with Lauren, Kira, Rae, Argie and Helga.
the "experiments" were all fun to do, and I had a really great time!

I loved that the event was interactive - instead of just showing us slideshows and graphs of the different studies they did, we were able to experience the effects of using Neutrogena as compared to the leading brand. Here are the experiments we did:

Apply Hydro Boost Water Gel and Brand X on each cheek. Compare the feel of each brand against your partner's cheek. Feel the difference!

Verdict: Helga and I didn't want to mess up our make-up (haha) so we used the back of our hands instead. Brand X felt sticky and greasy and not at all ideal for romantic cheek-to-cheek moments with your guy.

Styro Ball Challenge
Apply Hydro Boost Water Gel on the back of one hand and Brand X on the other. Then, attach small styrofoam ball on each. See in which moisturizer the balls will stick like glue!

Verdict: You can see that no styro balls stuck at Kira's hand with the Hydro Boost Water Gel, while a LOT of balls stuck at her hand with the Brand X. It just shows that the Water Gel is quickly absorbed by the skin upon contact.

Oily Imprint
Apply Hydro Boost Water Gel and Brand X on oil control film. Compare the difference of oil left behind after a few minutes.

Verdict: The films containing Brand X were visibly still oily while those with Hydro Boost Water Gel had very little oil left.

Make-up in a Minute
Apply Hydro Boost Water Gel on the skin. Apply make-up after two minutes. Do the same with Brand X.

Verdict: If you look at Kira's hands, the area with Brand X is streaky. This is because it hasn't been absorbed fully by the skin yet so if you use it, you would still need to wait for around 15 minutes before applying make-up. As for Hydro Boost Water Gel, there will be no need to wait that long because it is easily absorbed by the skin. Perfect for the busy career women who are always on the go!

And because I've seen [and felt] it with my own eyes [and skin], I therefore conclude that the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is much better than the leading brand. It is lighter, less greasy, absorbed by the skin more easily, and hydrates the skin more effectively. It even smells better!

Hydro Boost Gel with SPF30, Mulberry Brightening Ultra Foam Cleanser, Pink Grapefruit Revitalizing Ultra Foam Cleanser, and Hydro Boost Water Gel
I've been using these since I got them at the first week of the month and I'm loving them so far. I will post a more comprehensive and in-depth review of these products soon so watch out for that. All I can say at the moment is that my skin missed them after I wasn't able to take them with me when I stayed at my parents' house last weekend that I could almost hear my skin breathe a sigh of relief when I finally got to apply it again.

Big thanks to Neutrogena and Czar for having us!


  1. Great post! You sure had fun and discovered a new product ^^

  2. Oooh, that's why ganun yung photo nyo ni Helga. Bakit nga ba di namin yun naisip ni Argie. Talagang nag-cheek-to-cheek kami e. :P

  3. Hi Krissy!:) im wondering what is the brand x, hehe:) 
    mukhang maganda siya, will try that soon. hope its okay with acidic face:) at mukhang pagiipunan ko talaga siya:) 


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