Almost 24 hours with Ana and Aisa

19 June 2012

It's always fun going to events with my blogger-friends, yes, but personally I prefer "just because" bonding moments with them (i.e. getting together and hanging out even when there are no events). Last Sunday I wrote about being sad that the two days-two nights trip to Baguio we've planned has been cancelled because of the weather, but we still made plans to see one another and just chill.

Last Sunday after work, dressed in my pink coat and wellies and armed with an umbrella, I went to Eastwood where I met up with Aisa, Mich and Ana. After catching up over milk tea, we had dinner at Italianni's. Food was good, but expensive heh.

It was after dinner that the real fun began ~

Videoke at Red Box
Please don't think it's our fault when the weather got worse that night ;p
Read Ana's post here.
The four of us paid P499 each for the 7PM - 12MN block plus two drinks. We actually got in at 8:30 already, so we made sure we still got our money's worth by singing as many songs as we can! How did we accomplish this? By singing up until the chorus only haha.

After our mini-concert, we went to 7-11 for some hotdogs and hot chocolate ♥ We then went to Aisa and Mich's apartment to sleep over since Ana and I live far.

And look, Aisa gave me two pairs of boots!
They didn't make a dent on her HUGE shoe collection so don't worry hehe.
You should see her house! She has racks and racks and racksss of shoes!

We were still talking by half-past two, and then I drifted off to la la land. I woke up at around 9AM, and then we went to Hypermarket in our house clothes so we can grab brunch. Ana and I were still too lazy to go home so after showering, we went to Megamall for more food!

I enjoyed my Chicken Katsu from Yabu, as always :)
So yummy!!
We then went to Giordano so Aisa can do a quick pull-out, and guess who we saw? My boothmate Reg! I got so happy when I saw her go out of the dressing room LOL. She went with us to Red Mango where we indulged on my favorite fro-yo!

Guess who got the biggest serving?
ME! I got a Large bowl of Yuzu Lemon Swirl topped with Mandarin oranges, pineapples, and dezato mochi balls.
Happy girls :)
Thanks girls! I can't believe we spent almost 24 hours with one another because I swear the hours flew by so fast. I needed this break, the calm before the storm. I feel blessed to be your friend, and I am looking forward to more bonding moments with you ♥

You may notice some of my posts have lost the comments *sad face* This is because I am chronically dissatisfied with my blog's layout and I always feel the need to change things here and there. The comments are not yet done importing from Intense Debate to Disqus and hopefully when it's all done then they will appear again. If not, well, at least I have back-ups of all of them in my email inbox. By the way, what do you think of the new look? I need and want your feedback :) Thank you so much!

PS: Bonding over desserts is always fun, yes? How does a bowl of yummy fro-yo and a healthy sharing of stories and ideas sound to you? If you will be available on July 7 and you'd like to swap stories with me and other awesome people, please join my Red Mango giveaway by going here.

Some Instagram photos were borrowed from Ana.


  1. Cant believe 24 hours tayo magkakasama hahaha :D Labasan ng tunay na kulay? :P I love it that you told me pa "Thank you haaa nag enjoy talaga ako.." Before we parted ways in Mega Mall :)

    Love you sis! And yes ang cool ng new look ng blog, parang newspaper-y dahil gray...Lovet!

  2. Hehe e sa nag-enjoy talaga ako e? ;D

    Thanks for your feedback sis! It was actually the longest time I've spent tweaking this site but I think it's worth it!

  3. Awww! I simply love girl bonding! :) I enjoyed reading this post, Krissy! You girls looked like you really had a lot of fun. I could just imagine Pax being so makulit and all, haha! Hope to see you soon and have that dinner again with you. :)

  4. What a great 24 hours! True friends are those that stick with us through (and after) hearing us sing. I hope it doesn't kill my blog when I share some singing (a tiny bit).

  5. Haha you're too funny, Rick! I'm sure we all would stick around :)

  6. I'm glad I got to see you girls!!! :D And you're right, bonding just because is much more fun than going to events :) See you Thursday! :)


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