Murphy's Law can't rain on my parade today.

13 June 2012

It has been a rule universally acknowledged that wrong things always seem to happen when you don't need them to. Oh Murphy's Law, why do you have to mock me all the time?

Despite the gloomy weather, I woke up early and enthusiastic this morning because I had an 11:00 appointment in Makati. I have been looking forward to this since a couple of weeks ago so I needed all my lucky stars. I left the house early, thankful that the gloomy weather only brought a slight drizzle. Unfortunately, that slight drizzle soon developed unto a powerful cats-and-dogs level of rain when I was on my way to the bus terminal to ride the bus that will take me to the MRT. Well, guess what? The bus terminal, which is, on any other day, always full of buses ready to go every 15 minutes, was deserted. I stood there with the heavy rain and powerful wind whipping on me without a cab or bus in sight.

I finally got onto a non-aircon bus after about ten minutes because I didn't have a choice. I reached the North Avenue MRT station after about an hour, and endured the long lines with people on their way to the office or school.

It was still raining hard when I reached Ayala but there was a long line at the taxi bay, so, with only 20 minutes left, I decided to run for it. I must have looked silly but I didn't want to be late so I half-ran, half-walked the whole stretch from Ayala station to Enterprise Building wearing a pretty dress and my rain-proof jelly shoes, and even though I had an umbrella I was still soaking wet when I finally reached my destination. With less than 10 minutes before 11, I went to the restroom to freshen up, sort myself out, and wear the heels I brought with me.

Thankfully Murphy's Law stopped bugging me after that as things went more smoothly during the meeting. I am bursting with news that I would love to share but still can't because I want things to be finalized first. It's something I have wanted to do for so long, and now that I can almost grasp its reality I just feel very happy, grateful, excited and optimistic!

Today's casualty?

Not a pretty sight, I know.
The back of my feet after my mom put Betadine on it. Ouch.
On my haste to make sure I don't arrive late, I didn't feel that my jelly shoes were actually cutting through my skin already. I just noticed that they were bleeding when I reached the restroom and changed into my heels! Good thing I always bring bandages with me so I was able to dress them up. I guess that's adrenaline in action!

So that's today's story. Thanks for reading, and if I may ask you guys to cross your fingers for me? It would really mean a lot :) Thank you!


Just because Ghoent asked for it for in the comments section (and because I didn't really want to end this post with an ugly photo of my feet), I actually edited this post to include what I wore today! Except that, umm, the following photos were taken on another day, and I used another bag and another pair of shoes...

Anyway, let the powers of your imagination see what I exactly wore today ;)

On the photo:
Dress - Candie's | Bag - Fabrics in Style | Flats - Parisian | Watch - Pacific Blue
This photo was taken during an event for a shapewear brand I attended weeks ago (that I still haven't written about, sorry about that). I wore the same dress today because I love the fit, it's pretty, and totally appropriate for today's agenda. Instead of wearing the same shoes as above though, I used black peep-toe pumps. As for the bag, I used the pink version of the one shown above (I have lots of bags in the same design but in different colors heehee). I also used the white Skechers watch I got from Style Souk instead of the silver wristwatch shown.

I also used pink lipstick today instead of red :)
Now just imagine me holding an umbrella and heavy rain pouring around me and you can figure out how I looked like earlier haha. Hope you enjoyed exercising your imagination with me! :)

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