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21 June 2012

Nostalgia : (n) a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.

Maybe it's because a lot of changes have been happening around me lately, maybe it's because time seems to go by so fast, or maybe I'm just getting tired of [supposedly] being an adult - but I just can't help wishing I could go back in time. Back when the most enjoyable thing to do was using the landline to call my friends even when I was with them in school for almost the whole day while the TV is tuned in to MTV Asia. Back when MTV shows quality shows like Celebrity Death Match and Daria. Back when alternative bands ruled the airwaves. Back when the Spice Girls were still together. Back when Britney first stole my heart with her naughty girl school uniform.

How I long for those days. But I'm here, stuck in a 26 year old body, with a job that admittedly pays well, at the same time paying taxes that line our government officials' pockets. No matter what I do, I can't go back anymore. Unlike Jenna Rink who wished to be thirty, flirty, and thriving but woke up 13 again after learning her lesson, this is my reality. There's nothing I can do except slap on some moisturizer and suck it in.

That said, I can also slap on some moisturizer, suck it in, apply some makeup, put a pretty dress on, and party!!!

FLIQUE magazine will be launched at a party in Opus Bar and Restaurant in Resorts World later, and they are throwing a party! The best part about it? There will be a 90s theme! Everyone's invited to come in attires inspired by 90s TEEN FLIQUE! I can't wait to hear and dance to my favorite songs from way back!

This might just be the thing that can shake me out of this rut. I am so excited! Will I see you there?


  1. ahhh, i miss those movies! Clueless was one of my favorites... i could watch it over and over again and never got bored! :P I can't wait to see how you'll dress for the party. Have fun!

  2. 26 is an amazing age...teens would love to be you!!! Have a great time.

    PS - Now I want to watch Clueless to see how much things have changed since then.

  3. Thank you Rick, you always know what to say to make someone feel better :) I had a great time at the party!!

  4. I remember being 26 and I remember the 90s quite well... Both were awesome, but I love life now... It's ups and downs, the responsibilities, the consequences ---- I don't dread growing up and being old(er). Cheers to you Krissy!


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