Life is sweet at Bar Dolci.

25 June 2012

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My blogger-friends and I hung out at Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle before going to the 90s-themed Flique party last Friday, and I can speak for all of us when I say we [and our tummies] all had a great, sweet time ♥

Bar Dolci at night
Photo grabbed from Ana
To be honest, when I first got the invite from my BU boothmate Reg, I thought we would go to a bar bar, so I was surprised when gelatos and macarons greeted me as I entered the place. Thankfully, the owner Nikolai corrected my misconception by telling us that gelato places in Italy are actually called bars. Cool piece of trivia about one of my dream destinations.

Different flavors of gelato. Oh yeah, this is my kind of bar.
Photo grabbed from Ana
We were invited to try out the newest additions on their menu, and we were very willing guinea pigs. You will be, too, when you see these:

Hazelnut Nutella Frappelato
I mean, who could resist Nutella, right?
Ricotta Strawberry Bruschetta
Another fun fact about me: I don't eat strawberry jam. But I didn't want to look ungracious so I took a bite to taste it.
I am SO GLAD I did! It tasted so good especially with the cream cheese. You must try this.
These brought back memories of playing Cafe World :)
My favorite is the Spinach-Bacon Quiche. For those who don't like eating vegetables, don't be intimidated by the greens. This is perfection.
I was already full at this point, but I made sure I got my share of the Turkey and Brie sandwich, which is also really good.
But no matter how full I get, there is always time for desserts.
We were served Gelato Burgers in different flavors, but I got the Hazelnut Nutella flavor as well so it'll match my Frappelato.
One of Bar Dolci's specialties: Macarons!
I have yet to meet someone who has said not-so-nice things about this popular sweet treat.
I got the Limoncello-flavored Macaron!
I loved how the somewhat sour and tangy taste of the lemons jived well with the sweetness of the Macaron.
This is true love.
We were so full after but Ana and I also ordered brewed coffee. 
Do you know that Bar Dolci serves the best and most authentic macarons in Manila? Yup. Bar Dolci owner Nicholai said it's because the ingredients they use are also the same ingredients used in dessert places in Italy. Technically, a bite of Bar Dolci's Macarons is a bite of Italy. :)

I really enjoyed the afternoon with some of my favorite people in the blogging community:

Reg, me, Ana, Earth
Photo grabbed from Ana
Not in the photo are Sarah, Ava, Aisa and Paul.
The event also served as a mini-despedida for my BU boothmate Reg as she would be leaving the country on the first week of July to work and live in Singapore for a couple of years.
Reg and I aren't actually that super close, BFF-level friends, but I really like her a lot because she's always fun to be with, sensible, and smart. She's also very pretty :) Even though we didn't really hang out together as much, I will definitely miss her. She promised she'd be here for BU bazaars though, so let's see how many baggages she would be needing on her way home hahaha.

If only they have a branch more accessible to me, I think that like Reg, I would also be there all the time. The place looks very chic, yet still cozy - perfect for chill days away from the noise [as, admit it, coffee shops have gotten so crowded these days already]. Fun afternoon with friends stuffing our faces full with yummy food before we went to Resorts World for the Flique party. Thank you, Bar Dolci! Life is sweet, indeed! I just wish they open a branch in Quezon City soon ♥


  1. tingin pa lang sis, nattrigger na sensitivity ng tooth ko :)) i wannaa!! <3
    i feel sad din ata bigla pero happy for her to explore her career / life sa ibang country:) Godbless Ms. Reg :) 

  2. You must try them, ALL of them are so delicious :)

  3. OMG! This made me hungry and crave for parisian macarons and gelato!! *DROOLS

  4. Krissy!!! Grabe nakakagutom your photos!!! O.o Haha! I've tried Bar Dolci once and super love ko yung Cappuccino! Naiisip ko tuloy siya ngayon :( :( Hahahaha! Anyhoo, glad you had fun there, Krissy! Ganda niyo lahat ♥ See you soon!

  5. omg!!! I LOVE MACARONS TOO!!! sad that bar dolci is all the way in burgos circle!! </3


  6. tataba ka dito at the same time papayat naman wallet mo, but its worthy and syempre enjoy lalo ba pag ganito kaganda ang mga kasama mo.


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