03 June 2012

Congratulate me for I have survived a very crazy busy week! :D

My body's still sore all over due to carrying BIG bags of stuff and I think I need to catch up on sleep, but everything's good because I had so much fun at the Bloggers United Bazaar 3 held at the Grandview Events Place in Makati yesterday!

"Stepford Wife" was the look I was aiming for.
Red polka dot dress - Tomato (gift from Angel)
Red wedges - Parisian
Cuff - Get Holly
White lace gloves - SM Department Store
So cool to see Ana wearing the same dress but in a different color! :D
BIG thanks to everyone who came and visited the booth I shared with these lovely ladies:

Ava and Reg
I sold almost all the books and clothes I brought and I'm just glad my bookshelf and closet can breathe a little more freely again heehee. It was also great meeting those who comment and tweet me regularly and having people come up to me and introduce themselves as readers of this blog. I started krissyfied.com mainly to have my own space to share personal anecdotes and pretty little things and knowing that my posts make some of you smile just feels so gratifying and downright amazing. Thank you for fueling my passion for writing! If we have photos together, may I ask if you can post the link on the comment section? :) Here are some photos you guys have either tweeted me or been taken using my camera:

With Job. He studies in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, where I graduated with a Bachelor in Mass Communication degree :)
With Aerielle. I really love the unique spelling of her name :D
With Rejj :)
With Anne :)
With Argie and Gem :)
With Chloe :)
With Caycee :)
With Klaire :) She commented on one of my posts before that she looks up to me, and even wrote a post about me. So sweet! I'm happy to have finally met you! :)
Ava and me with Dana (although I'm not sure if that's your real name? Hehe pls correct me if I'm wrong :))
Ava and me with Kristina :)
With my Seventeen Sigaw sisters Luci and Kaiye! Thanks for supporting BU! :)
With Luci again, now with her sister Jacq. She bought my Betty shirt and I'm sure she'll take care of it so I'm not sad anymore :)
Ava and me with Lia. Thank you for your email! :)
And now, my lovely bloggers friends who also sold their stuff at the bazaar:

Steph and Mariel who came all the way from Butuan just for BU3!
Alex who just exudes "fierce" all over and pretty Kira who's become my event and commuting buddy.
The always fresh and pretty Enciso sisters Vern and Verniece
Beautiful beauty bloggers Shen and Angela
Happy faces! Paul, Reg, and Mark of Manels :)
Ana, Aie, and Ava :)
I made a BU3 section in my planner so buyers can sign and leave their URLs but because there were so many people, I didn't get to take it out my bag until much later in the day *sad face* But thanks to Ana, Ava, Reg and Kira for signing it!

The Bloggers United Bazaar just keeps on getting better and better!

Aside from flying in participating bloggers from all over the Philippines, the BU team also flew in top Indonesian fashion blogger Anastacia! So amazing! She's such a pretty doll :)
I loved the first BU and BU2 but the one held yesterday is probably my favorite! Congratulations to Pax, Ana and Melai for yet another successful (the place was PACKED!) event, and thank you so much for making me a part of it (my rent for the month has been paid for by some of my earnings even when I sold my clothes for as low as P100 and my books for as low as P20 haha). 

Do I hear plans for BU4? Looking forward to seeing you guys there again! :)

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