From Commute-Friendly to Event-Savvy

27 June 2012

Alternate title: This is what happens when you don't have a car.
Another title: I need more taxi money. Gimme gimme.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to release some stress by talking about beautiful things. And by beautiful things, I mean clothes.

I've been wanting to wear this pretty dress I got from Penshoppe about a month ago but I never found the chance to do so. I got the chance I was waiting for last Saturday when I had to dress up for two events! The first event was held in SM Mall of Asia, call-time was 2PM, and I came from my far-away hometown Navotas. The second event was held in Greenbelt 5, call-time was 4PM, and after going to these two I went back home to my apartment in Quezon City. So yeah, that was a lot of commuting to and fro for one day.

The dress I was meaning to wear is not really that commute-friendly because of the low neckline, but I managed to find a way! Sharing those tips with you now :)

From Navotas to MOA: Jeep to the bus terminal > Bus to North Avenue MRT station > MRT to Ayala Station > Bus with Ana from Ayala to MOA

Maxi dress - Penshoppe | Plain white shirt - Surplus Shop
Bag - Accessorize | Sandals - Grendha
Bangle - YRYS | Watch - Pacific Blue
As I mentioned above, the dress has a low neckline and is halter-type. As I didn't want to risk having rude stares directed at me, I wore a shirt over it and tied it on the front to make it look more dressy (at least that's what I think). I knew I would do lots of walking and would most probably stand in the train (I did, I gave my seat to an old lady), wearing heels wouldn't be practical. It's a good thing the heels I brought with me come in a nice shoe-bag that I was even able to sling on my shoulders.

Event in SM Mall of Asia

Earrings - SM Accessories
Heels - The Little Things She Needs
Ana and I passed by the loo prior to going to the venue to freshen up and retouch our make-up. I kicked off my sandals and wore my heels. This time, I was able to put my sandals inside my bag. I also put on my pretty drop earrings as I was afraid to wear it outside haha. It has been over a year since I got mugged (not because of what I was wearing, but because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time) but I still get scared sometimes. I guess the trauma never leaves.

From MOA to Greenbelt: Cab with Ana, Jen and Kai

I didn't take my heels off since we were in a cab anyway. When we reached Greenbelt, we went on another stopover at one of the restrooms so we can freshen up (again! It was hot and humid that day). I took off my shirt, et voila:

Problems with halters? No problem. Just use a halter triangle bra as well. Low neckline? I'll let you in on a secret: double sided tape ;) 

I really loved how the dress looked (and felt) when worn. I loved the nautical vibe it gives with the light gray stripes and the rope as straps. I'm not kidding, this dress made me feel beautiful with every step and swish of the fabric against my legs heehee ♥ I guess that's the magic that beautiful clothes bring, and it's that idea that clothing brands sell to us and that we, as consumers, willingly errrr, consume.

I even got to have dinner with Sarah and Ana just because I didn't want to go home yet and change into normal house clothes haha. But then 8PM came, and I turned into a pumpkin :D

From Greenbelt to Fairview, Quezon City: Bus to Buendia MRT station > MRT to North Avenue Station > FX from SM North EDSA to Brgy. Holy Spirit

Put on my shirt again, took off my heels and earrings, wore my sandals, and went home.

Big thanks to Ana and Sarah for taking my photos. Thank you for reading, I hope this helps! ♥


  1. I like this layout more than all previous templates you've used before (and, again, it's not too wide).

    That's so smart how you tied the white shirt up.:)

  2. I actually like the maxi with the white shirt better (even though without the shirt it looks awesome too!) ... :p

    Holy, what a commute! I wouldn't have survived.... :p Then again, I'm such a weakling! 

  3. Really nice new layout. And oh dumb question: by "double sided tape", do you mean the stationery ones or the lingerie tapes? Haha sorry, it's just...the latter is hard to find, so if you meant the first, that would be really convenient.

  4. The dresss is pretty! Lovin' the stripey goodness. Which, of course, made me love the layout of the blog, too. They (dress, layout) kinda match :D

  5. Oh my friend, you are beautiful!  You look very pretty in the dress--and I'm glad you wore the shirt.  We're having a problem with creepy people on mass transportation here in DC.  I guess it's's very upsetting that decent people have to share space with the creeps.

    PS - I couldn't access your page earlier. The page opened, but I couldn't click on anything or comment.

  6. Thanks Rae, I like this layout too. Hope I won't get tired of it anytime soon :)

  7. I used the ordinary double sided adhesive tapes! LOL I don't know where to get the lingerie ones, and I think they're expensive. The stationery ones will do but you have to be careful in putting it on and taking it off :)

  8. Thank you Rick!

    I therefore conclude that this layout doesn't work with Internet Explorer. Because I had the same problems at the office too :/

  9. aww you look soo pretty i love your hair

  10. So pretty, Krissy!! :) Wish I look as good as you with maxi dresses/skirts! Love how you transformed your event-ready outfit to commute-friendly naman! :) Safety first! Ingat always!! ♥


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