Who wants to watch Senior Year?

20 June 2012

A year ago, I raved about the indie film Senior Year and how it touched my heart and made me look back on my high school days and see how much I've grown since. Produced by The Digitank Studios, Inc., the film is a glimpse into the lives of ten high school students as they struggle through the final months before their  graduation. It is a story about high school life, chasing dreams, and coming of age. It endeavors to depict high school as essentially when ambition and dreams come into fruition. It is when childish ways are thrown out in exchange of seeds of maturity, the beginning of adulthood and the start of a bumpy ride towards the "real world". The film also tackles the bittersweet travails of interesting teen personalities, inevitable complexities involving teachers and students and how their senior year turned around as they head through life's unknown destination. It's a really good movie and I recommend that you watch it. It also earned a lot of positive reviews from critics and was even endorsed by the Department of Education. Read my review [and see 16 year old me] here. I was even contacted by Miss Nissa of Digitank because she read my review.

I honestly think everyone can relate to the story and the characters. Here is what the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines have to say after they graded the movie an A:

There are the usual nerds and wannabes, the usual bullies and their victims and the latter’s defenders. They are not portrayed as obligatory stereotypes though and this is what makes the seniors in the film interesting and endearing. Their back/home stories also vividly show the milieu the seniors are forced to sink or  swim in. There are the heartbreaks from teen-age break-ups, college rejections and intrams defeats and there are also successful physical and emotional makeovers. There are teachers who inspire and challenge and there are classmates who support and encourage but sometimes infuriate and meddle. The kids may not be as attractive or as airbrushed as the Glee cheerleaders; they are just the pimply, gangly and giddy teen-agers in the real world.

Here comes the fun part. I am giving two readers and their plus one a chance to see the movie at Yabang Pinoy's screening of Senior Year to be held this coming Saturday, June 23, at the Cinema 4 of SM Mall of Asia! Yabang Pinoy is a pioneering Filipino pride movement known for fun, creative, and contemporary Filipino pride projects and events, and I am honored to be one of their partner bloggers. I would really love to go to the screening as well but I have already committed to go to another function. I'm thankful that they allowed me to do this giveaway instead so I can help spread the word about this great Pinoy film and Yabang Pinoy's advocacy. 

This giveaway is open to my blog and Twitter followers. To join, all you have to do is like Yabang Pinoy's Facebook page, and then post a comment below with your name, your email address, and your fondest high school memory. After leaving a comment, tweet this:

@krissyfied I'd love to watch #SeniorYear at the Yabang Pinoy screening at SM-MOA this Saturday! http://bit.ly/NP8iaO

And that's it! The two winners will be announced this Friday, whereby they'd have to give me the name of their plus one so I can forward them to the organizers. Thank you and good luck! ♥


  1. Lora Esguerra

    My fondest high school memory is the last time I saw my dad as he came all the way from Cebu to Bacolod just for my freshmen recognition day. My mom and dad got separated afterwards and we never saw our dad again until he passed away four years after. And here's more, I met the man of my life and my boyfriend of Ninety-eight months during my freshmen year too, that's a lot of counting right? ;) We're 8 years, 2 months and counting everlastingly.

  2. jonesalvarezcastro@hotmail.com

    top notch, off the charts best High School memory is when I had an almost girl friend. NANLIGAW AKO NG GURL maniwala ka Tetel. Kaso narealize ko na magkumare lang talaga kami at nagagandahan lang ako sa kanya in a beau-con admiration kind of way. High School Puppy Love na hindi na nasundan. EVER.

    Kidding aside, my defining moment back in my HS days would be when I staged a literary musical with my senior class. And we won!

  3. Wilhelmina Balondo

    im on college now at aaminin ko, miss na miss ko na ang high school life ko kasama ang mga kaibigan ko! as in! ang pinaka hindi ko malilimutan na hilig namin gawin nung high school kami is yung pagkain namin sa lugawan sa tapat ng school. affordable kaya keri namin araw-arawin. sakop namin yung isang mahabang table kaya ang sarap din ng kwentuhan habang kumakain. instant bonding after class. and im hoping na magawa ulit namin yun. =)

  4. wish i can go to this saturday, but i can't! :( So goodluck to all who'll join instead :)
    btw, love the new theme!

  5. name: rejj sibayan
    email address: rejjisheart@gmail.com
    fondest high school memory: being with my friends on recess, lunch and all the talks we always do and the kalokohans we have done in any form.

  6. Because Yabang Pinoy is super awesome, everyone who joined and their plus one will get to watch the movie tomorrow! I tweeted you guys already, please check and reply! :)

  7. Awww... I just knew about this now... :( I so badly want to watch this movie since it premiered last year. Not only it has a good plot, I love the school where they shot this because it's my Alma Mater!

    My fondest Highschool Memory is when I used to walk in these hallways and classrooms with my friends and just be crazy and just sit under the trellis while waiting for Lunch to end.

  8. Aww sorry Cib, but the contest has ended already :(


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