It's so important to make someone happy. Start with yourself.

28 June 2012

Aside from her fashion and DIY tips, one of the best lessons I've learned from my blog-friend Sarah is her advice "Choose your battles." I admit I used to easily get upset over the most trivial things. Now, if someone does something that would've already made the old me upset, I think it over for a while and then determine if it is really that important to me. Once I've thought it over and then decided it's a petty thing to be worked up about, I just let it slide. There are so many other things worth my time, feelings, and attention anyway.

Exhibit A. I used to have a friend who I met up with almost every week just to bond over desserts and other stuff. We went along great, but I found some of her Facebook posts offensive. You see, she always posts destructive and insensitive comments about homosexuals and fashion bloggers. I have a lot of gay friends and fashion blogger friends but even if I don't, I still thought they were uncalled for. I didn't want to see that kind of negativity in my timeline so I hid her posts. We didn't fight in any way, but the next thing I know she has deleted me from her two Facebook accounts (she keeps a public account and another separate account for her "true" friends). One of the last things I read from one of her posts is her saying fashion photography is so fake. What's weird is that she used to invite me on lots of fashion shoots before. Was she just being fake the whole time? Plus, she is still friends with one of my friends who is a fashion blogger. I don't know, maybe she just befriended me before to get closer with our mutual friend who she likes. I don't get it and I don't even want to because I have chosen my battles, and it's just not worth it. Life is too short to surround myself with negativity so kthnxbye.

Exhibit B. Just like what I told a friend last week, if someone does something that makes her upset, all she has to do is pause and think how important that person is in her life. Constructive criticism even from acquaintances are fine, but if someone she barely knows (and/ or someone who barely knows her as well) does or says something rude to her, then she should just keep calm and carry on. That person might not even remember it in the morning, so why bother?

Exhibit C. I know that a lot of people have already spoken about the hot topic nowadays (at least in my corner of the interwebs) which is fashion blogging. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger but I just think the world wide web is bajillion times bigger than we imagine it to be. If someone wants to start a fashion blog but dress and pose just like the people who've already established a name for themselves in the field, let her. I don't think she's causing you any harm in doing so. If you're so affected, you can always click the x button on the top-right corner of your screen and check out the blogs you think are worth your time. Live and let live. Choose your battles ;)

If you're going to be upset with every little thing, you won't have enough time and energy to do other stuff. Get more out of life by letting some things slide and just focus on things and people that matter ♥

On a completely unrelated note, I don't have nice photos to accompany this post, so let me just share with you what I wore last Sunday. I went to Malinta after work to visit my aunt and cousins. Yes, I have work on Sundays, and yes I can wear shorts when there are no bosses around haha.
White shirt and teal empire cut top - 168 | Pink bag - Fabrics in Style
Shorts - BNY | Sandals - Grendha
Necklace - Things that Matter
My favorite color combination ♥
This necklace is part of the Back to School Sale until the end of June!
Bracelets - DIY | Watch - Skechers

It's so important to make someone happy. Start with yourself. Sometimes we get too wrapped up with getting approval from our peers and the general public that we somehow lose ourselves in the process. Why make life complicated when we can just be happy? If there are times you think I am not being true to myself anymore, please feel free to post a gentle reminder. That is one battle I don't and won't mind choosing :)

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world...
but you do have some say in who hurts you."
- The Fault in Our Stars, John Green


  1. JonesalvarezcastroJune 28, 2012 at 6:40 PM

    teh, wiz ko bet yung bago mong layout. Not so your personality. :)

  2. Eh I'm liking it so far, so I think I'm keeping it. For the meantime :)

  3. well written krissy. that's true, choose your battle. I love your letter B. :) I just don't understand letter C. haha engs ko lang :P and of course "lets just be happy" part :) keep on smiling krissy! i love this blog, lam mo yan.
    Rovie, RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

  4. I love this post, i find it something positive. I like what you said on B., that when a person says something bad to you, just shrug it off and go on.  Medyo di ko lang gets letter C hhaha (engs lang). Great read, i always get inspiration from this! lam mo yan :)

    Rovie, RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

  5. I didn't know that the person would know pala if you hid his/her posts. :S Na-praning ako a little bit, coz I also hide posts of people who rant all the time. I also mute some for a few days on twitter (ubersocial). I believe kasi that there's such a thing as secondhand emotion. Napapasa ang negativity.

    Re: Exhibit C. I have it the other way around naman. I read a few fashion blogs for entertainment. But I'm not fashionable, and I don't pay attention to my style that much. I just love looking and admiring people and their clothes. I have a few clothes I rotate every 2 weeks. Pero sometimes nakakabasa ako ng: "People who want to look like everyone else are lazy." or "I want to look different from the rest of those who are boring." Sometimes it irks me, coz not everyone who dresses like everyone else are boring and lazy, it's just that we don't find excitement and passion in clothes. We find it in something else, like bungee jumping or whatnot.

  6. AHHH!! I LOVE IT! ♥ This is such an inspiring post, Krissy! Food for the soul, indeed. 

  7. Comforting, insightful and encouraging :)

  8. I think I know who Exhibit A is! :P
    But overall, I like this post. :)

    Hope to see you again! SOON!

    PS. Outfit shoot! :D

  9. "There's such a thing as secondhand emotion." >> I agree.

  10. Thank you, Arnie. Glad you liked it :)


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