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25 July 2011

Blogging without any specific topic in mind. Letting the stream of consciousness direct me. Saying whatever the heck I want to say. It has been a while since I've done a post like this and I kinda miss it, so let's begin :)

The silver bow necklace in my new banner came from this photo.
I got it from Penshoppe during the shopping spree they gave us bloggers :)
I was supposed to go back to my apartment today but wasn't able to because of the President's SONA which was held at the Batasang Pambansa. For those who didn't know, my apartment is actually located across COA which is the practically the next stop right after Batasan. Going there would eat hoursss of my time, what with the rerouting scheme implemented for today and the number of militant groups that gathered for rallies and protests. I wouldn't want to spend the whole afternoon waiting inside a non-moving vehicle, or worse, walking. So yeah, staying home is the best option even though I admit I an still scared about leaving my parents' house very early tomorrow morning to go to work, no thanks to the mugging incident I experienced last May (which I am still traumatized about). Besides, I still wanted to stay here at my parents' so I can use my computer because...

My beautiful, white, beloved netbook Lady Fabrize is still very much busted :( I am not exaggerating, I find it hard to go to sleep without getting online first! Internet withdrawal symptoms alert! Thank God for smartphones, I now check my social networking sites using my HTC ChaCha (which I named Zooey ChaCha hehe) and Globe's SuperSurf. The connection's great and all, but it uses up my phone's battery really quickly. Also, I prefer blogging using my netbook so I don't know when I'll be able to post again. Prolly next week when I come back here to  my parents' house. I really hope I can have her fixed this weekend, that is if I develop enough guts to take her out (still very scared of bad people mugging me and stealing my stuff, you see). When I still can't sleep, I read Kindle eBooks and play with the apps installed to my Galaxy Ace Sheldon. It's amazing, yet scary, how I've become this dependent on technology x___x

Speaking of my new apartment, it's not really pretty actually but I love how it's much bigger and more spacious than the old one I lived in. It looks old and the paint's chipped and all, so I am hoping I can redecorate it and make it look more home-y and cozy. I want to buy new wallpaper, curtains and linoleum in my favorite color schemes to make it more "me", plus maybe get a new bed and bean bags so my guests will have something to sit on hehe. I love how I sound so ~mature~ thinking all these. My new home will serve as venue for team buildings with my officemates and a makeshift photography studio for Mae, thus my goal of prettifying and Krissyfying it. Would you like to donate some of your old furniture to me? Kidding! Not really ;)

Addicted to Harry Potter-mode is still very much switched to ON. My free hours here were spent ogling at the cast's old photos, not to mention the fact I have begun rereading the series from Book One. I was also supposed to go with a friend and watch it yesterday for the fourth time but I woke up really late after my weekend out-of-town trip so I missed it. Tsk. 

The coming week is going to be busy with plans to go back to Liquid Bar with my friends from the office on Thursday, a bloggers' party on Friday, and the aforementioned team building on Saturday. I might also go with my friend Ed to SM Pampanga on Sunday to support him as he auditions for GMA's new singing show. I'm also crossing my fingers about watching Incubus' concert *crosses fingers really hard with eyes closed to demonstrate how bad I want it*

Are you guys on Pinterest? Gaaaah that site is so addicting! Go check out my boards here, and let's follow each other! ♥

Have you guys checked out the newest posts in Fashion Compass? Why not??? Go here and be updated! ♥ The latest post talks about the fashion revolution by Oxygen: Reversible Jeans! I really, really hope my budget can accommodate it, because I am seriously eyeing the gray washed jeans!

Okay. So part of being home with the 'rents is following them. My Mama has been popping up behind me for the last half an hour, bugging me to sleep already because I "need to wake up early tomorrow" for work. I won't be able to sleep yet though because I still need to pack the stuff I will be bringing back to the apartment tomorrow (I really should name my apartment. Calling it apartment sounds redundant, not to mention tiring. Apartment.) Random post ends here, good night folks, and I wish the rest of the week will be fabulous!

PS: My bestfriend Jerome and his twin Jonas will celebrate their birthday tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONAS AND JEROME!!! Cheers!

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