From San Juan to Makati to Manila.

03 July 2011

I did say yesterday that it was going to be a long day, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Saying it was a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement.

Aside from the two gatherings I blogged about, my friend from the office Mich also asked if we can visit our friend Poly who got operated on the other day. We made a quick pit-stop at the Makati Medical Center to cheer her up a bit.

Here're what happened yesterday:

Went to Omakase Restaurant in Greenhills to meet with my fashion blogger-friends for Honey's despedida.
I don't eat sushi but I loved my dalandan juice ♥
So fierce.
Kookie, Karl, Raleene, Aie, Honey, Ava, Keigh, Belle, me, Mike
We'll miss you pretty Honey ♥
I'm sad I wasn't able to stay long for more photos with them. At around 3:30PM, Mich and I left for Makati Med. Poly is one of the closest girl friends I've made in HSBC. She only stayed in our team for a couple of months but we really bonded like we have been friends for so long already. The three of us (Mich, Poly and I) make it a point to go out at least once a month to just eat out and watch a movie or shop. Sometimes we do all three heehee. You may remember her in the posts I made when we went to Banapple, and when we watched Love & Other Drugs

She has become so thin already :(
The plus side? We can now borrow clothes from each other.
She has been complaining for tummy aches for months now. After not finding anything in the colonoscopy, the doctors decided to operate on her after seeing how ill she looked. During the operation, they saw that her intestines have become clamped together. They needed to remove two feet of her intestines in a three-hour operation and then stitch her up  again. She is now recovering but still very weak, and she can't eat yet so she has all these wires connected to her. Just seeing them makes me wince in pain already. What a grueling procedure for someone to go through :( Looking at the photo it's a wonder how she can still find the will to pose and smile, but that's darling Poly to you :)

Being stuck in the hospital bed, Poly can't do much except watch TV and play with her Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Good thing she have friends and family to keep her company :)
The guy in black is Boss Tony, Poly's long-time boyfriend.
A little before 6:00PM, Mich and I had to say goodbye so I can meet Jessica to go to Century Park Hotel in Manila for Kym and Winmark's post-wedding reception. After changing my clothes and putting my makeup on, we met Jess at Jupiter Street. After getting lost a bit, we reached the venue at 7:10PM.

The reception was beautiful, I wish I was at their wedding in Canada because all the photos Tracey took at their wedding were all so lovely! Click here to see the slideshow, I promise you it's more than worth the visit! ;) Kym and Winmark's reception deserves a separate blog entry (I got teary-eyed at least thrice because the happiness in the hall plus the beautiful words at the speeches, not to mention the abundance of food LOL, got a little too overwhelming to take in), but let me share with you guys what I wore:

Very Royal Wedding-y ♥
Feather fascinator - Lucban Hats | Purple satin dress - Candie's | Purse - Tomato
Black glittery peep-toes - Chelsea | Accessories - YRYS, SM Accessories
And a fun photo with the bride, of course:

Kym, Jessica and I hamming it up at the photobooth ♥
PS: I love my eye makeup!
I'm sure Kym's and my mutual blog-friends are so excited for more photos from the reception. I'm sorry guys for making you more jealous, but Jess and I will meet her again tonight for a night-out! We'll have dinner, and most probably visit a KTV, too! Soooo excited for more bonding with them!

Later! ;)

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