Awesome 3some!

25 July 2011

My weekend was spent surrounded by great friends, lots of laughter, and foooood!

It all started with this...

Not for the faint of heart ;D
Invite made by my friend Ed.
We went on a road-trip to Tagaytay for a triple celebration for Dewi's and Karlo's birthday and Kenneth's despedida. It was great that a lot of us were able to make time for this since we don't really see one another as much as we'd like :) We left Glorietta (our meeting place) at around 6PM, passed by Cavite to pick Myk up, and reached Tagaytay at around 8PM. When you spend two hours in the car laughing and yelling at your other friends who were in another car, you could  already tell that it's going to be a fun night!

BUT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, thank you Kenneth for my new lipstick! ♥
Kenneth gave me a tube of L'Oreal Color Riche in True Red.
We headed straight to Leslie's where we also had our 2009 year-ender dinner.

Dewi, me, JV, Myk, Kenneth, Ed, Mines, Khel, Eden, Paula, Marky
Pancit | Grilled Tuna Belly  | Bulalo
Chop suey | Crispy Pata | Kare Kare
Goldilocks Mocha Cake
Our orders amounted to more than P5,000 LOL we were that hungry! The pancit was a little too dry for our liking, but we liked everything else, especially the tuna belly.

More photos:

Oops, wait, Dewi and Ed are not yet ready!
There! Much better! ;D

Picture perfect pose face-off!
After dinner, we drove around Tagaytay looking for the perfect drinking spot where we parked two years ago, but we couldn't find it anymore. So we settled for one of those mini cottages that can be rented by the hour - where we swapped more stories and laughs over bottles of Tanduay Ice.

Cheers to friends!
I got home at 6AM (big thanks to JV for dropping me off at Jollibee where I stayed for at least an hour waiting for the sun to rise) and crept to bed with a big smile. During idle moments I remember the things we did last weekend and couldn't help but laugh all over again. Oh man, our jokes will never grow old ;D

There were so many funny stories shared that wouldn't be as funny if you weren't there with us that night, so I am just reserving those for the comments in the album I uploaded in my Facebook account. I just want to save the memories of this epic weekend in my heart foreverrr. These guys mean so much to me, and I am so grateful to them for keeping me sane in this world riddled with phony "friends" and disposable relationships.

Happy birthday Dewi and Karlo! Wishing you more years of love and laughter! And Kenneth, I am going to miss you but I just want to say, go for the gold sister! ♥

I love you friends, let's do this again soon ;)

Top - Oxygen | Inner white top - SM | Gray shorts - Oxygen
Bag - 168 | Sandals - Manels

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