Coca-Cola and McDonald's present the new Coca-Cola Can Glasses!

04 July 2011

We interrupt regular programming to make way for an important announcement. Besides, I'm still waiting for photos from Kym and Jessica

Coca-Cola and McDonald's did it again! After the Beijing Olympics glasses in 2008, the colored contour glasses in 2009, and the Coke-FIFA contour glasses in 2010, Coca-Cola and McDonald's have released a new design of limited edition glasses sure to be a hit with everyone. Would you like to see it? Of course you do!

Big, black, and beautiful but heavy box.
The new Coke can glasses come in six different colors: pink, charcoal, green, blue, lime and purple.
Seeing them lined up like this makes me want to go and host a Coca-Cola party ;D
The Coca-Cola can glass is new to consumers in the Asia Pacific region and will be available only at McDonald's in 13 markets - Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Tahiti, Fiji, and New Caledonia.
"Coca-Cola glasses are unique collector's items, and as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola in 2011 we are excited to offer the Coca-Cola can glass to McDonald's Asia consumers for the first time. We know consumers will enjoy collecting the multiple colors and the fizz of Coca-Cola at McDonald's."
- John Hackett, Customer and Commercial Director of Coca-Cola Pacific Group Marketing
Random fun fact about Krissy #3861: I love giving out trivia and random fun facts, even when unsolicited. My friends and I would talk about something, and then I would remember something I read or heard about what we're talking about (or something connected to it) and I would say it out loud. I wasn't aware of this habit until my friends pointed it out and teased me about it :D For my unsolicited trivia for today:
  • The Coca-Cola can was first used to distribute Coca-Cola to the US Armed Forces overseas in the 1950s, and by 1959 became available to the US consumer.
  • In 1985 Coca-Cola was the first softdrink to be consumed in space in a special Coca-Cola can, aboard Space Shuttle Challenger.
Cool huh? /end of unsolicited trivia.

BIG THANKS to Coca-Cola and Ed for my set of Coke can glasses! For all you guys who would like your own glasses, all you have to do is visit any McDonald's store nationwide and add P25 to any Extra Value Meal. The promo started last Saturday, July 2, so hurry up if you want to collect all colors!

The pink one is my favorite Coke can glass ♥
What's yours?

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