24 July 2011

My blog-turned-real life friend Honey left the country last Wednesday to go to Kuwait and stay there for good. While I am happy that she is now with her family, I couldn't help but be sad as well because I am going to miss her. Actually no, scratch that, I miss her already. Even though I met her on the latter part of last year, she has become one of the best friends blogging has brought me, and I bonded with her really well during the few times we've spent in each other's company.

We're now divided by miles, oceans, deserts, and time zones, but good thing there'll always be Blogspot, Twitter and Facebook! ♥

Thank you for your friendship Honey! Please don't forget me! Be safe, and we are looking forward to your visit the soonest time you can ;) Love you!

Photos by Frank Ruaya.

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