Lady Fabrize is busted.

22 July 2011

I am typing this entry using my HTC ChaCha so I am not sure whether this post will come out okay or not (when it comes to alignment, etc.). I just wanted to say my netbook Lady Fabrize is busted and it's causing a great deal of inconvenience for me, especially as I am one of those who find it hard to sleep at night without getting online first.

I was supposed to write a post last night about how happy I was about moving to a much bigger apartment and how tiring moving all my stuff had been even with both my mom and dad helping me (while lecturing me on how many shoes and bags I have haha). After a quick shower I prepared to relax in front of my netbook, checking emails, Blogspot, Facebook and Twitter, when the screen suddenly froze and then went dead. Then an error message appeared saying the boot disk crashed. Thinking it was just a one-off thing I shrugged it off and tried to restart it, but it wouldn't open! It just said the same thing! Now I'm sad and distraught because I'm not sure if I was able to put a partition in my drives. If not then all my files and photos would be deleted because Lady Fabrize needs reformatting :( Such an unneccessary and unexpected expense :(

To think I have been so excited to finally be able to surf the Net again with ample time at my disposal, after attending to a flurry of activities last week. Sigh. I don't even know when I'll be able to have her fixed. =/ I have a PC at my parents' house, but when I'm in my apartment I need my netbook =/

Hope your day's going better than mine.

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