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31 July 2011

I am very happy to tell you that I am still very much alive and I didn't fall off the face of the earth ;D

It was my online social life that died the past week, no thanks to Lady Fabrize being busted and my Globe line being disconnected because of sheer negligence. Thankfully I have an extra phone and a Smart SIM so I was still able to get in touch with my friends and family. Now my Globe line is back to normal, and hopefully I can find time this week to have my netbook fixed at the Lenovo center.

Anyway, all my plans for last week didn't push through, but I am still happy because I got to spend me-time at the mall last Friday buying - wait for it - new things for my new apartment, which will now be lovingly referred to as Camp Krissy from hereon (big thanks to Meream for giving it a name! You are now officially my apartment's godmother hehe).

Calling the home-making fairies! Here is a photo of some of the things I lugged from my old unit to the new one:

I had to make it black and white so it won't look too messy haha!
Clothes and shoes and bags and other knick-knacks have accumulated throughout the six months I stayed in my old pad! I have already organized most of them into their right places, but I think I need more drawers or boxes to put the others in.

Let me describe Camp Krissy to you. I think it is spacious enough considering that I live alone. The paint is old and looks dirty so I want to paint or put wallpaper over it. I don't have a TV there, which is okay since I don't watch local shows anyway (I get news updates from the Internet) and the TV shows I do watch I get off the Internet as well. Fastfood and the nearest tapsilog house are my friends because I don't have a stove. My kitchen cupboards are stocked, not with canned goods or groceries, but with beauty and bath products LOL.

I am determined to make it as cozy as possible though, thus the trips to the Home sections of SM and TriNoma. I spent a little less than P2,000  not on clothes or shoes, but on new stuff for Camp Krissy, and I am so excited to buy more! I missed a bloggers' event for this, but I wanted to take advantage of the Interior Zone sale in SM North EDSA (that ended yesterday) so I went there after work and got these:

I got pillowcases in different designs and colors but with with the same theme: polka dots!
And look, a blanket in my second favorite color!
I looove my soft pink mat, and my black and white animal print furry house slippers!
(Look at the wall, that's what I meant when I said I want to paint over the walls.)
In the photo are a black and white polka dot mat for my side table, strawberry-vanilla scented candle and ceramic coaster, and bottles of Curious and Fantasy by Britney Spears ♥
I made sure to pick things in my favorite colors and prints so that looking at them will be instant happiness-boosters for me. I never knew shopping for the home is so much fun! I also bought a new shower caddy, bed sheets (also with polka dots all over LOL), and other things I neglected to take photos of. Right now I'm thinking of more things I want to buy, like beautiful framed prints, pretty lace curtains, a huge cork board, a new shoe rack (because all my shoes are currently scattered lying on the floor), beanbags, and a full-length mirror :) I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas (and my boards are now full of inspirations I would want to incorporate), and ohmygosh I wish I have more than enough funds to burn so I can make Camp Krissy pretty ASAP!

I'm sick with the flu because of the weather, thankfully I'm now in my parents' house where my Mama has prepared the most delicious meals. I hope to be better tomorrow because work resumes again on Tuesday. Leaving you with this pretty picture:

One of my life's little luxuries: lighting a scented candle and just basking in its beauty, scent and warmth.
I hope you all have a great week ahead! Be safe!

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