Summer Out There

26 March 2011

The best indicator (at least for me) that summer is here is when different styles of swimsuits for all kinds of body types have replaced the cardigans we have relied on during the cold December to January days on the stores' racks. Out with the layers, in with the summer dresses!  And nope, I am not complaining because I am actually in love with summer!

I did a bit of "shopping for summer" at SM North EDSA earlier today after work and picked these up:

Swimsuit from Tomato
Marshmallow hat from Jellybean
DermPlus SPF80
We will have a family outing at Amana Waterpark Philippines tomorrow and I am so excited! I'm also a bit anxious though, since I remember getting really nasty skin allergies brought by the sunblock I used last year. I do hope the DermPlus SPF80 works well for me when I use it. My lifestyle photoshoot with Tracey Heppner has been scheduled to happen on April 14, and considering that my friends and I will also go to the beach on April 9-10, well I can already foresee that I will be very dark on the photos. I am unlike other people who manage to get gorgeous tan you see; overexposure to the sun makes my skin look the ugly side of dark x_x So yeah, I guess I'll be doing a lot of lathering up on the sunblock. As for the hat I got, aaaah, it's so pretty and summer-y, plus it fits me very well :)

Tomorrow is going to be a fun, fun day with the whole family! What's the best thing you like about the summer season? I hope you enjoy your Sunday, too!

PS: I'm almost done organizing my big birthday give away, so please watch out for that! 

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