Birthday blues? More like Birthday pinks! ♥

20 March 2011

My birthday is coming up soon, and I am so excited! It'll be on April 6, and I took a two weeks-vacation from work! Admittedly I still don't have anything planned yet to celebrate my big 25th; I'm too busy these days to sit down and brainstorm for ideas, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. One thing's for sure  though, I'm going to have a give-away so please watch out for that! It'll be my first give-away ever so I'm really excited about it. I'm lining up cool prizes for you guys so watch this space! ;)

My birthday won't be for another couple of weeks but I've already felt some birthday love trickling in ♥ Aside from the shopping trips I've had for the last two days thanks to Oxygen, I also received these today:

A birthday card and a "Made in Hamilton" button pin from Ontario, Canada!
Thank you so much Nikolett! You are so sweet! ♥
I love the Tagalog words you wrote at the bottom-right corner! If ever you get to visit the Philippines, I'll definitely ask my Grandma to cook pancit for you :)

My Auntie Jean also arrived in Manila today with her husband Uncle Rico. They are based in Doha, Qatar where they work for Four Seasons Hotel, and only get to visit us and their five year-old son Jerico - whom we take care of while they work abroad - once a year. They stay in Manila for more than a month though so we make sure that we make the most out of each day they're here. This year we have planned out-of-town trips for the whole family :)

Here are the treats she brought for me:

Chocolates, MAC lipstick, skin care necessities, and a cute necklace
MAC lipstick in Girl About Town
I was so stoked when she gave me the lipstick. It's my first MAC lipstick you see ;p Thank you Tita Jean! ♥

Gosh, how fast time flies! We have eleven more days to go and it's goodbye March, hello April! April is going to be a busy, busy month for me, I just know it! So many things to look forward to! There's the give-away I'm planning to do, a beach trip with my friends from college, a concert(!!!!!!!!) I'll watch with my friends Mich and Jonas, and planning for and executing the celebration of my 25th birthday! Also, it'll be my blog-friend Mai's birthmonth as well and we have planned to set a day for a mini-celebration for the two of us :)

Oh April, I can almost feel you. Lead me not into birthday blues, rather bring more birthday pinks because I love them, I really really love them ♥

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