Privé Fashion Awards 2011: Presentation of Nominees

26 March 2011

When it comes to fashion, I am proud to say that the Philippines is a treasure trove of talent. What better way to show support to our very own talent and ingénue than to attend the Privé Fashion Awards that will be held on Wednesday, March 30, at Members Only?

In 2009, the co-owners of Members Only (the country's first and only private membership bar and lounge), thought of starting Privé, a  fashion series that aimed to celebrate Filipino fashion design. Instead of asking the designers to showcase their latest collections by making models walk a ramp/ runway, real people - referred to as the designers' muses - wear the designers' creations and party in the night scene. Co-hosted by MEGA magazine, Privé has become the most successful fashion party series in the history of Philippine nightlife.

After two years, the owners together with partners MEGA, Channel [V] Philippines and organizers Leung-De Leon decided to pay tribute to the designers who have been part of this tradition. Privé Fashion Awards was born to honor the best and the brightest in the local fashion scene. Some of the categories include Best RTW Designer, Best Couture Designer, Best Jewelry Designer, Best Accessory Designer, Best Bag Designer, Best Muse, and Best Production.

I went to Members Only with my blogger-friends Ana and Honey after the Mary Kay event we went to last Wednesday so we can see the presentation of the nominees. Ava, Earth, Kookie, Stacey and Danah were also there. I certainly am glad I am not one of the judges; seeing all the nominees made me realize  how difficult it would be to choose who among them is the best for each category!

Now I haven't been to too many clubs, but can I just say that Members Only definitely tops my list. I love the interiors, the chandeliers, the elegant rustic feel of the club. (I never did like loud and rowdy clubs anyway.) Plus the strawberry iced tea I ordered is quadruple yummy ;)

Thank you Ana for this photo!
I swapped the floral waist belt I was wearing on the Mary Kay event to a pink skinny belt and wore my turquoise necklace so that I won't be terribly under-dressed. ;)
Special thanks to Ms. Jenny Yrasuegui for the invite.

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