My first weekend away from work!

28 March 2011

From being a total loser who had Tuesdays and Wednesdays as rest days from work, I have now gained total control of my weekends again after a mini-competition we had within the team that spanned for three months! Ladies and gents, my days off are now Sundays and Mondays. That means my current work schedule requires me to work from Tuesday to Saturday at (because of DST) 5AM then go home at 2PM! I love my job and all the wonderful opportunities it gives me and my social life! ;D

As blogged in my previous entry, I spent my first Sunday off work - after more than two years of being stuck in my previous schedule - with my family on my first summer outing! We went to Amana Waterpark Philippines in Pandi, Bulacan where we enjoyed swimming and posing for photos. There was a total of 18 of us who went: my immediate family minus my brother who had to study for his finals, my mom's brother and his family, my mom's sister and her family, my grandma, and my mom's cousins and cousin's kids! Just imagine how much food we brought! :D

The main reason why we had this family outing is because my Aunt Jean (my mom's sister) is visiting with her husband Uncle Rico. They both work for Four Seasons Hotel in Qatar and only get to go home once a year. We have taken care of their son five year-old son Jerico ever since he was born that he is already like a baby brother to me; he also calls my mom Mama. This set-up works through the help of modern technology since he gets to talk to his parents almost every day via voice and video calls. Jerico will be graduating from Kindergarten this coming Thursday and I am a proud big sister/ cousin!

Aunt Jean, Jerico, Uncle Rico
For people looking for a resort to visit this summer, I definitely recommend Amana. The place was HUGE! Also, aside from the swimming pools (my favorites are the one with artificial waves pictured above which I REALLY enjoyed and the jacuzzi), there were lots of life-sized replicas of well-loved characters scattered around the place. We had a ball posing for photos with them. My cousin Loui took some really funny ones but he still hasn't uploaded them. I hope I can post them soon ;)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos of myself:

With a penguin from Madagascar!
Abducted by King Kong!
Chillin' with Mr. Bean
My sunblock DermPlus SPF80 did a great job of protecting me from the heat, although my skin still got a little dark. I think I will be using it forever from this point forward though, because it did not trigger any skin allergies at all! I love it!

I had a really great time yesterday and I am looking forward to more summer outings! Gotta put my marshmallow hat on and plan more! ♥

Told ya we were a big group! Here's a group photo minus my Grandma who was already seated comfortably inside the van when this photo was taken. Look how dark we all got! Yikes! :D
What are your summer plans? Share them here!

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