31 March 2011

Aside from a lot of blessings that I have been receiving lately, it's the thoughtfulness of my friends that reach across the miles and touch a chord in my heart. A couple of weeks ago a birthday card that came all the way from Canada arrived in the post; sent by my friend Nikolett.

Last week another card arrived, and this time it's from Ireland! It's from my friend Ejann also known as Lizzy. We can also call her Robyn ;D


Thank you so much beb! It was a very pleasant surprise, and I love the line on the front. Regarding our friendship lasting forever, no worries, I can totally sense that's in the cards. And yeah, you should visit Manila for Kym's wedding so we can meet you ♥

We all know how important it is to follow a friend's advice, yes? A couple of days before the card arrived, I bought this from SM Fairiview:

Jolie by Parisian
It was the last pair, it was in my size, and it was on sale at a whopping 50% off! Who can resist, right? The vertiginous heels might intimidate some, but I assure you these are not feet-killers! The raised platform makes it more comfortable and easier to walk in. I wore it to the Oxygen collection preview I attended with my blog girl friends ;)

Also, turning a year older easily gives you the license to have new anything. Yesterday I had a new fringe, but aside from that I have also been able to manage a bit of "birthday shopping". You see, I have been meaning to update my wardrobe for a while now, and this occasion proves to be the best timing to do it. I am embarrassed to admit that most of the clothes in my closet are more suited to a college student. To my defense though, my body size makes it almost impossible to find something from the Women's Department; all of them look too big on me that I didn't have a choice but to go to the Teen's Section.

For the last two days I have scoured TriNoma in search of perfect 25 year-old outfits. Here're what I got:

From Candie's:
Navy blue/ cream blouse | Light purple polo | Skinny jeans
From Landmark:
Pink babydoll dress | Light khaki sandals (I love the pearls and crystals on the straps)
From the 3-day bazaar at the office earlier:
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett and a bronze necklace with a rose pendant
These days, when I shop, I don't look for trendy pieces anymore. I am proud to say I have managed to learn the practice of finding pieces that will work with the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. It's important for me to dress my age this time because honestly, whilst it is flattering, I don't want to be mistaken for a college student anymore ;)

PS: Woohoo today is the last day of March! Remember when I said I was planning to have more plans because I didn't have any major plans when the month kicked in? Well just look at how busy and fruitful the month has become! I'm looking forward to April - this is going to be so awesome!

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