Enjoying the digital lifestyle with PLDT myDSL WiFi + Modem

22 March 2011

You cannot deny that the Internet has already become an indispensable necessity. These days, access to everything - news, entertainment, shops, social networks, trivia, and even food delivery(!) - can be had by just a few clicks of the mouse. The world has suddenly become smaller, thanks to the world wide web that made everything within reach without the need of going out of the house. As PLDT AVP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali said, "The digital lifestyle isn't an option. It is what life has become, so it's important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want."

Personally, I love a good and solid Internet connection. I may not be a big techie geek but I  can't take a fast and reliable Internet connection for granted. I spend eight hours at work in front of a computer, then spend at least three hours more at home - either in my parents' or in my apartment - stalking people communicating with my friends, skimming news articles, reading the blogs I follow, and of course, updating this blog. I don't even watch TV anymore because everything I love (How I Met Your Mother, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Survivor) can be downloaded or watched online! Plus, Fun Fact About Krissy #875: I cannot go a day without checking  my email. Honest. I live and breathe the Internet and I know I will have a terrible withdrawal syndrome if I as much as be disconnected from my online world for at least three days.

My desktop computer, my Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 Lady Fabrize, and my Samsung Corby Delphi Aristotle.
During the days I'm in my apartment I am free to use my netbook anytime I want to. Because I don't really know until when I will stay there I opted not to apply for a postpaid line anymore. I use a prepaid broadband USB dongle for Lady Fabrize, which can be frustrating at times because it's veeeery slow. Seeing as I have no other choice I just suck it in and wait for the kbps to download. Meanwhile, I love being in my parents' house because aside from the lovely meals my Mama prepares for me, I get to use a high-speed postpaid broadband connection. Happy happy joy joy for Krissy ♥

Recently though, I don't get to enjoy my Internet freedom as much as I used to. I have a younger brother who needs the computer for his school projects and a younger sister who aims to play every single game Zynga or friv.com offers,  you see. Suddenly my reliable high-speed postpaid broadband connection isn't so reliable anymore.

What to do, what to do?

Good thing PLDT has come up with myDSL WiFi + Modem! On the first week of March I was sent a unit to try, take a peek!

The package includes: WiFi Modem, splitter, microfilter, installer, ethernet cable, phone cable, and user guide.
The power of the new myDSL WiFi Modem:
  • Plug-and-play just like the regular myDSL modem.
  • Simultaneous connection via WiFi.
  • Enjoy up to 25 meters of myDSL WiFi connection.
  • It also has a 4-port hub for more connections.
  • Ultra sleek black design.
  • Savings of up to P1,500 since there would be no need to buy a separate modem and router.

Mr. Dujali said further, "We have to evolve our products to provide our subscribers with services that conform to their needs. It's all about making life current, convenient, and comfortable for everyone in the family." I couldn't agree more sir, I couldn't agree more. These days you can see the three Cruz siblings hard at work: my brother Ken in front of the desktop computer doing different kinds of stuff I know nothing about for his Electrical and Computer Engineering course, my sister Kyla using my netbook to further her level in Cooking Mama, and me on my phone checking my email and Twitter feed. I'm a happy big sister :)

PLDT myDSL WiFi + Modem costs only P2,200 for Bundled Plans 900/ 1299 (pay P550 for the first month and P340 for the next five months) and P1,000 for High-Speed Plans 999/ 1995/  3000.

For more details about PLDT's products and promos,visit their Facebook page or their official website.

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