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15 March 2011

Ciao, bellas!

Last Sunday my friend Mae and I went to Cubao Expo to catch up and bond. It was only my second time to go there after Mai introduced me to the place last August. Some of the shops were closed but Mae and I still had fun checking out the other stores. There's a store selling pretty dresses and shoes but they're so expensive! There's this one shop though that sells clothes at pretty affordable prices. I liked a sheer pink dress but I didn't get to buy it because I left my ATM card at home T_T Cubao Expo is only about 20 minutes away from my apartment so I should go back soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll still be there when I return.

The main reason Mae invited me to go there is because of Bellini's. It is one of her favorite restaurants, and after eating there it is not difficult to see why! Dining there offers an authentic Italian experience, mainly because it is owned by Italian Señor Roberto Bellini, a former paparazzi-turned-restaurateur. Framed photos and newspaper clippings adorn the walls, together with paintings of Italian sceneries and scale models of Italy's famous landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was really like leaving Manila for a while and stepping into Italy!

See what I mean? :)
Have I ever told you I love Italian food? No? (Come on, you must have stumbled upon one of my posts here praising Ristorante Bigoli.) Well if you're new here, then let me tell you again and again: I love Italian food. All the herbs and spices combining into one delicate mix of perfect sensory experience... Sigh. Too much love for Italian food flowing in my veins right now. ♥♥♥

I hope you're not hungry now because these photos might make you hungrier.

Mae munching on bread sticks.
Spaghetti allo scoglio
(with shrimp, oysters, mussels, and squid)
Verrry tasty! Loved it!
(4 kinds of pizza toppings)
Two slices each of vegetables, seafood, cheese and meat toppings.
Obama Cake
Chocolate cake topped with merengue, hot chocolate fudge and caramel
This is seriously the best chocolate cake I've ever had.
I fell in love with this cake.
Mango iced tea
Excellent service! We were even served chilled dessert wine, on the house :)
Mae with her wine, and wine bottles in the background :)
Too bad my stomach can only hold so much. I wanted to try the Roast chicken and Orange cake too but I was already too full! ^^,

Great conversations over great food washed down with sweet wine. Ahh I love days like this.
Thank you Mae for introducing me to this sweet haven :)
Ladies in dresses ♥
We went inside at around 4PM, we left when it's already dark outside! It's a testament to how good the food in Bellini's is when the tables filled while we were there. (Mae also told me that sometimes a singer even serenades the diners with Italian songs!) I definitely recommend it as an excellent place to bring your date, your friends, or your family. Trust me, you will be saying "ciao, bella!" to everyone in no time at all ^^,

*All photos by Mae Ilagan.

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