Birthday bangs!

30 March 2011

Pssst! Guess who just got a new fringe!

Krissy is the new kind of cute.
The last time I had a haircut was three months ago when I had my very long locks chopped off to a short bob. After being stuck in an awkward growing-out phase for a couple of months, I was finally able to tie my hair in a short ponytail! The only problem is that long tendrils of my hair on the sides of my face keep on falling from the ponytail. It doesn't look neat at all. The solution I thought of: have them cut into a fringe! It took a lot of thinking though because I was scared the look wouldn't suit me at all. The last time I've had bangs was on third grade, you see, so it was hard to imagine myself sporting one again after all these years.

Today, after going to Shangri-La Mall with my good friend Michelle to get her new phone, we trooped to TriNoma and had my bangs cut at the Fix Lab. After shampoo, less than 15 minutes of the hairstylist snipping away, and around 10 minutes' worth of blow-dry, voila! My new hair! What do you think? Do you like it? I actually do! What a difference a new hairstyle makes, yes? And I loved the way the hairstylist's assistant blow-dried my hair, I think I'd better get my hair-blower from storage and start using it again ;D

And really, I just want to say how happy and thankful and appreciative I have become these days. I must have done something really good - or maybe I have already learned the lessons I needed to learn after everything I went through last year - because every day brings a different blessing! I laugh more, I giggle more, I appreciate things more. I remember how sad I was on March of last year (and if you have been a reader of this blog long enough then you would know it too); it was hard to imagine I would be happy again. But now I'm here, happier than I have ever been. My friend Dewi even told me that I have a different glow when we met up last Friday. This may be very vague to some people who are new here, so maybe I can encapsulate it in a few words: Having your heart broken (not just in the romantic sense of the word; even friends can break your heart, sometimes even more than a lover can) is a serious blow each time. It takes its toll on your self-esteem, your trust issues, your faith, your outlook, and sometimes even on the way you treat other people. It can get reeeeeally difficult, really. But no matter how impossible or never-ending you think it may be, the day will come when you will just snap out of it, when your heart will whisper, "enough", and you will realize that hey, you're okay again.

I know I have said countless times before that I was okay, but looking back I realize I was just saying that to convince myself that I was okay. It took me long enough, but after I was finally able to accept that things had to happen the way they did, that's when Life dealt me new cards, and this time they're all lucky cards. I have LOTS of good news I am super excited to share with you guys, but I think they can wait. :)

Today is exactly a week before my 25th birthday, and even though I haven't thought of any plans yet on how best to celebrate the day, I know that it'll be a happy day for me.

Funny how a new haircut can make someone philosophical and all, yeah? ;D

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