Singapore Day 4 - Great minds think alike

11 November 2010

Because all good things must come to an end, our flight back to Manila was scheduled at 12:55am of October 30. Our last day in Singapore was spent going around the shops in Bugis, Chinatown, and Anchor Point Mall buying presents for friends and family.

Working it in my brown skirt :)
Of course I wasn't going to return to my home country without meeting the super awesome Nashe (and I am not just saying that because she's my blog-friend) ;) We agreed to meet at the Iluma Mall, and it was so funny how she said I looked at her with a big grin before even realizing that she was the lady I was meeting up with! Yeah I am dorky like that ;D

Pretty in long dresses/ skirts :)
Here is the pinch on the cheeks you were asking for Ejann! :D
As proof that friendship built online can also thrive in real life, we clicked right away! To be honest, I was scared at first because I was worried I would come across as boring and not be a good conversationalist when not using my mother tongue, but I think I pulled it off quite well. While showing me around Arab Street (where I got good deals, btw), we chatted about a wide range of topics like comparisons between Manila and Singapore, TV shows (and how she watches Filipino soap operas more than I do), our countries' respective education systems (so serious, yes?), the desire to wear boots, our blog-friends, my love life (or the lack thereof), and her mail-order husband from the Philippines, Jake Cuenca :D

This is me deep in thought over chopsticks. She took the photo using her phone and Twitpic'd it to our other blog-friends XD
And this is me looking serious but in reality my heart was jumping like crazy. Accessories! Earrings! Headbands! Bows!  All kinds of pretty, lacy, girly stuff!!
She also took this photo and captioned it "...and she totally ignores me. lol." For the record woman, I totally was not! :D
Lunch at McDo with my travelmates :)
We parted ways at around 3PM, and I was so touched because she said she's going to meet me at the airport before we leave. So sweet! My travelmates and I continued shopping at the Anchor Point Mall and then by 7PM went to Marsha's friend Ana's house to do some last-minute packing of the stuff we bought. Before leaving SG we went back to Costa Sands, this time to a mini-party the family of Ate Lani was having at the Barbecue Pit.

Because of some confusion with the time of our departure, I wasn't able to see my friend Genily and her boyfriend Michael who waited at the airport anymore. I am sooo sorry Gen! I also almost missed seeing Nashe again for our last goodbyes, when she agreed to go to Pasir Ris so we can see each other again and give me a present!  :)

Pretty in jeans and tank tops :)
I was holding a Starbucks gift-bag which contains a Starbucks Singapore Tumbler from Nashe.

Last photo. Awwww.
We went back to Ate Ana's house to get our luggages, then went straight to the airport. Everything went super-fast after, and before I knew it we have boarded already, the cabin crew were requesting us to put our seatbelts on and turn our phones off, and it's bye-bye SG. Even though the seats weren't really that comfortable I slept the full four-hours flight, in anticipation of work a few hours after (yes, I went straight to work from the airport for my 5am - 2pm shift because I am responsible like that).

'Til we meet again.
Parting is always sweet sorrow. But then I never imagined I would return here since my trip five years ago, so who knows, I might be back sooner than expected.

*Why the title Great minds think alike? Well, just notice how alike our two outfits were! ;)

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